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  1. Great news John and team. I've been on an extended flight sim break, have uninstalled both xplane and P3D. Bought the early adopter Aeroflyfs, its very impressive even at its still early stage. So really hoping the team goes that way. Best of luck! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Tom, that's an absolute NO! Really, all I did was install the patch over my existing one, no special instructions or tweaks, that easy.
  3. Hey Tom, what's stopping you from upgrading? Need help?
  4. OMG I just saw your pc specs! It really is an executioner! Nice video card
  5. yes Brad, I've just reinstalled the whole thing on a roomier drive, revisited Concrete and Darrington at close to max settings, all at 30fps, so immersive. Any fence-sitters getting groin-rash should ease their pain and join the V3 express! Lockheed Martin have bulk-bought the relieving ointment!
  6. Just filmed this after the V2.3 upgrade and my GPU upgrade (to second-most powerful single one available (this week anyway..), GTX 780 OC Ti God this sim is looking bewdiful now, esp with HDR on [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wSbilaTZGQ
  7. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6sj9kDHMzQ Get on the phone team! Amazing scenery tech possible from what I can see
  8. You shouldn't post 'other' Sims on this forum, it'll be frowned upon! It might tempt others to try a rival SIM ) I could run it at 1500fps!
  9. Hi Alan, nah sadly not, I've had a few major scenery development disasters that have really put me off, I can't even get my Mordialloc in any condition to release as it won't appear in p3d. Open to 3d object building suggestions though!
  10. thankyou sirs! Yes you can tell I'm loving V2's lighting
  11. really Chris, news to me! We'll need to get fried eggs baked into the tarmac textures soon....
  12. Taken near one of my old stomping grounds, the locals should recognise it, Mt Dandenong. Runs well in V2! The second shot is with real Opus weather, the coming week is meant to be a scorcher here, 35 today and 41c tomorrow. Eeeeewwwww.
  13. Glad you are back in the air and OK brad, nice pics too mate. 3& 4 my faves
  14. Nice shots Chris, I wondered where you'd got to!
  15. Thanks chaps, I use V2 now, hard to go back to 1
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