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  1. show us Yuma az please with NAS Yuma please chadhuittenberger hightman
  2. how about an air creation Tanarg 912 bionix wing but it might take a while be cause a accurate cad flight model would have to be developed for the wing and control system the most important thing is that the aircraft is 2 place and has accurate weight and balance the max gross weight is 1,092 pounds. It is an experimental aircraft that is also a light sport hightman chadhittenberger
  3. what is the next aircraft you guys are doing? hightman chadhittenberger
  4. please update the ai traffic pack for NA to include 2015/16 airline time tables and more dence ai traffic for norcal and socal and correct for Friday harbor airport that includes 2 airlines Kenmore and San Juan Airlines with correct aircraft and routing / flight frequency current #s private plane takeoffs and landings as well thx chad hittenberger
  5. dear orbex team I would like to suggest the Mooney M20TN acclaim type S as your next aircraft project please do the 2016 Mooney M20TN acclaim type S with top of the Line interior package. Chad Hittenberger hightman
  6. it would be so nice to see a ftx cold bay ak chad hightman
  7. this Q is off topic but when is ftx doing another ga aircraft. hightman chadhittenberger
  8. all the airports in Surinam including the actual sized and presented 2 surface runway at zorg en hoop airport hightman chadhittenberger.
  9. all of the leeward islands and there airports including saint martin grand case airport and your rendition of saba and st barts with the correct terminal ramp textures there are supposed to be three gates clearly marked with big yellow dots on the ramp and a gate with marked cross walk on the end of the ramp where st barts commuter parks there aircraft. chad hitternberger hightman
  10. hi all how about Nepal with all the challenging airports. especially the base camp Everest Lukla. all the dirt strips in the mountains. thanks all Hightman ChadHittenberger
  11. airports of northern az including all the airports in and around the grand canyon national park. hightman chadhittenberger
  12. 4k graphics support the new king air 350i the new Honda jet the new sf50 jet the 737max 8 200 and 9 the c182 jta real world airport graphics chad
  13. St Lucie county international airport in ft pierce would be nice to see done correctly and a new kfll airport would be nice
  14. do you plane to do chandler muni airport in chandler some mager changes have been made to the field since my last request. chad hittenberger/hightman
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