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  1. No one tried to install YBBN with AUSv2?
  2. Hello, I have installed Ausv2 and YBBN with the update V2 Patch and there is a big mesh problem a little everywhere on taxiways or runways! My mesh is set to 5m like you recommand and texture 7cm for sure! Here is my picture! Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks Larry, Yes i have CAX6 and i have renamed LR_Orbx_boat_repaints.BGL to LR_Orbx_boat_repaints.BGL.off in [mysim] \ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_CAX6\scenery and now everything is ok in both CAX6 and CAC8. Regards
  4. Hi, I have updated CAC8 to 1.15 today and now a few boats (10), most of them sailboats appear black without texture! Thanks for your help Regards
  5. Hi, For myself i have an StackHash_8d12 error with p3dv3 last version on approach ils 26 with realair duke turbine and p3d is closing!
  6. same error with the new configuration FTX Global Vector configuration tool.exe Nick.
  7. Very good news Thanks a lot John.
  8. Thanks i have FSX too but Orbx is just installed on P3D so i can't install it on FSX
  9. Hello, Do you plan to release BOB installer for P3DV2? Thanks for your answer.
  10. Hi Neptune, I have the same and if i unactive in Vector Frozen Surface all water surface get OK. No Black square anymore. Out of winter it is the own solution to avoid black square on st laurent actually i think. Good flights! Jedi928
  11. Hi, Thanks now i know i am not alone ! let's see what support say. Cheers
  12. Hello, At Lisbon LPPT just left of runway 21 when you take off i have Two bugs, the first is the road which doesn't match the bridge and the second is stranges waves along the coast just after the bridge: Thanks to help me.
  13. Hi, Well i hope you are right.. and that is the reason! If someone could test and check i am not the only one to have this black square in this part i would be sure it isn't coming from bad set up! It is simple just take off from cyul and have a look on the aerian view and you will see if you have those black square around CYUL and Montréal. Cheers.
  14. Yes I have all the latest patches and update and the latest Library!! The only new thing is use of P3D2.3 since yesterday! i just have all fsdreamteam airports plus Flytampa Montréal and Dubai installed. If i desactivate all those airports i have the same pb!! May be you could test this fly from montreal to check if you have the same problem... I don't have any mesh installed and i have set up to 5m in P3D.
  15. Ok Thanks so if it is normal than OLC is above vector entry why do i have those black square around Montréal if everything is correctly installed??
  16. Is it normal than my sceneries entry are like that: Vector entry are Under OpenLC entries which seems me to be strange but i am not sure!
  17. Hello, I have a few black square around Montréal and don't know why? I am on P3D2.3 using Global + Vector. I would like to post a picture but i don't know?? Thanks for your help.
  18. It is strange it happens always to the same place after take off 01 fly to verry then 35nm before coral if i change view from virtual cockpit to outside view then come back virtual, usually i have the ctd! if i stay virtual view cokpit at this place i never have ctd. It is strange because at this place fps are much better than departure ybbn!! so i don't see why this ctd will be responsable of an overload pc at this moment!
  19. Yes they are g3d.dll! I am going to try to reduce! In fact often have ctd when i am coming back from an outside plane view to virtual cockpit!
  20. Hi, With 1024 Setting CTD too! So, I don't know what to do?
  21. Ok, Second fly but this time cdt with GA AI Traffic turn off but with Texture max load 4096 like told PMDG! I am gone a try with 1024! I don't have rex or extended Load Radius , just recommanded orbx settings!
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