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  1. As always you guys are right on time. I was just about to inquire on the global 3d lights not showing up when I arrived from ebbr to ENGx. Now I know. Thank you John
  2. Shucks. I'm donating my organs now. House was already remortgage after the vector announcement and the Queenstown release
  3. You know guys I told myself I'm done for the year: FTXG, YBAS, EU Scotland, Southampton, Juneau....and on top PMDG T7 (mostly in the 3rd quarter of the year). COME ON Orbx!!!...are you trying to break me:)
  4. Todd, Have a look http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?179943-Duplicate-AFCAD-files-Utility cheers
  5. Just added to my Library as well along with Scotland. Currently in Hawaii heading east to UK (virtually that is). Couldn't resist the images or main Orbx page and the Airdailyx 1st impress.
  6. I share Todd's sentiments, however, I'll include Fs Genesis and add UTX and proceed with orbx regions or flightbeam Studios to boast the FSX experience Keino
  7. you may have to wait from Steve's patch and any DX10 update (if required)from Orbx. Or/ and just leave the lights off flying at night or fly using DX9 at night and DX10 at day until the aforementioned is released
  8. I too have increased on FPS after installing FTXG. Also my pc is loaded with addons and I fly the NGX on a regular. I only have my LOD set to the lowest setting to afford less Oom messages in commercial AC and long hauls.
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