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  1. Doug, Thanks for this tip. However, I installed the utility, ran it, pointed to the FSX root folder on my external SSD drive, ran the job, and got a message back saying the link already existed in the Registry.
  2. Hi, I've a comprehensive collection of Orbx FS-X Software (Globals, Regions etc). They've been running on a PC for some years, added to as new products have emerged. Recently I bought a new high-end Dell PC. Using an external SSD with USB-C interface, I've installed Microsoft Flight Simulator, and FS-X Steam Edition. After installing Orbx Central, MFS appeared in the pulldown menu, and I successfully installed the London & Sydney upgrade packs. But FS-X does not appear in this pulldown menu, and so I'm unable to install all my FS-X products on the new PC. I have done an initial run of FS-X as suggested in the documentation. Please, any suggestions? Captain_Yodie.
  3. Nick, thanks for that; problem fixed ! Bit of a trap, that, as I downloaded and installed the Holgermesh through Central some time ago.... maybe I missed an earlier Post about this. If so, sorry...
  4. Hi, I started Central. It updated immediately. I then updated all other suggested files in the Global Range, and a number of other Regions including Germany. When I selected AU for the v2.1.2 version, it failed with a msg "incompatible products installed," and said I'd have to remove them before update of AU could occur. The ONLY non-Orbx add-ons I have are the NL2000 Netherlands scenery files. Do I need to remove them and reinstall after updating AU? It seems strange the updates of Germany would go ahead OK, but not AU, which is quite distant geographically...
  5. >>>Isn't Sydney on the list for a cityscape makeover?? makes sense to wait surely? Terry. So, is there a public list somewhere of upcoming makeovers? Wasn't aware of one.. I quite understand the need for 'commercial confidence' on upcoming releases...
  6. Hi, Australia v2 installed, and loving the Melbourne detail!! Is there any hint of a similar detailed coverage of the Sydney Basin - say Parramatta - Palm Beach - Cronulla - Liverpool - Parramatta ?? Again, great effort on v2 by everyone concerned. Thanks !!
  7. Thanks, John. The reason I was asking about the Netherlands was, I was hoping for a higher-res coverage of this area. It's the only part missing to be able to fly the original Dam Busters route from the UK to the Dams in Germany in higher-res OrbX 'Country' coverage rather than the default FS-X scenery. I can fly the 'practice' low-level routes they used in the UK, and outbound to the UK coast, and within Germany to/from the Dams, in FS-X with good definition with the OrbX UKs & Germany N+S. I have an OK 617 version Lancaster but am not sure it would function in any of the other FS pieces of software such as P3DV4. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi, Is True Earth Netherlands for FS-X getting close to release? Also - Sydney, Australia. I'd dearly love a hi-res coverage of Sydney YSSY, Sydney Harbour, The Opera House, and The Bridge !!
  9. JohnY, I'm not playing "games." I too am a mature person, with an abhorrence of war. My father who served left me in no doubt of its horrors. I've visited many of his contemporararies before they passed away, copying their Logbooks for preservation, with their support. With, for example, the 617 Dam Buster's mission, I've visited the Dams in Germany twice, and have "simulated" the mission in FSX more to better understand the difficulties from a flying point of view, and to further my admiration of what they achieved. I derive no "thrill" from doing so. Sadly I see no such interest from younger associates and these days meet many young airmen who've never even heard of the Dambusters...
  10. I've just looked at the link above and certainly it looks like it's all been brilliantly done by Ross in SouthOz some time ago. I'll contact him.
  11. I've just bought the FTX Norway Scenery. Has anyone made an Object for the Tirpitz (the German WWII battleship) for placement in the Norwegian Fjords? I'd like to be able to Mission the Fleet Air Arm attacks on it, and the Lancaster attacks which finally severely damaged, and then sank it.
  12. Hi, I've raised this question before - about obtaining a complete blackout of ground lighting, to simulate WWII flights. Looking at FTX Central / Settings / Tools / FTX Global 3D Lights Configurator, would it be possible to mod this so that either Option 2 = "Off,", or in Option 3, for each light type have a brightness of "Off?" I appreciate people have put a lot of work into providing really excellent lighting. Sorry to be a pain and to want to turn it off for some of my missions !!
  13. Many thanks again, guys, and I look forward now to enjoying YMML, and all the other benefits of being an OrbX customer!! Very much looking forward to Germany N - see my queries on the Ruhr Dams... Nick, enjoy the better (?) weather this time of year up there, before your next Winter ! Our Winter here is just bearable. It's got as cold as 45dF...
  14. Thanks to all who have replied so far. As per my msg ID2 above, this was a clean install of FSX-SE on a dedicated SSD (H:). Definitely all traces of the previous FSX Deluxe version completely removed from its drive (C:) - folder completely gone. (Note YMML v2 did run just fine in this FSX DeLuxe setup on C:). The only add-on scenery files installed have been as per my signature, Base, Vector, OpenLC Europe, FTX AU, FTX England,Holgermesh NG, Holgermesh AU. I unticked "add-on scenery" in the scenery list. Problem was still present as per the pics above. In the Vector Config Tool I placed YMML in the "disabled" list... (moved from LHS to RHS box)...and ... the problem appears to be fixed! Is there some anomaly here in that YMML had to have AEC disabled in my installation? Surely not everyone's had to do this? I saw a query about a patch coming for YMML. Is this related at all?
  15. Greg, Also, if it's any help, the first 4 entries in my "Settings - Scenery Library" are: FTXAA_HOLGERMESH FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTXAA_PNG_HOLGERMESH FTXAA_YMML
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