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  1. I found that I had 3rd party KONT scenery activated that was interfering with the SCA Orbx scenery which displayed an elevation issue. After I deactivated the 3rd party scenery all is well. Problem solved! ftxflyer
  2. I am using W7 operating system and Southern California scenery. I never noticed this before but KONT appears to be elevated above the surrounding terrain. Is there a fix? You may already be aware of this but I can try to provide a screenshot it needed. Thanks for your help! ftxflyer
  3. Doug: Got the user guide. Thanks again for your help! FTXflyer
  4. I have a few questions regarding this product. 1.Where can I find the product or installation manual? Is it free to download? 2. Are all my original textures backed up? 3. How long does it take to install and backup all the textures? 4. I have some photoscenery installed like around some 3rd party airports and one US State.. How are these handled during the FTX Global installation. 5. Is the Global Base Pack currently on sale with 50% off? Thanks for your help! FTXflyer
  5. So is it possible that this airport was never designed to have animated jetways? I wish I had known this before I purchased the product. ftxflyer
  6. Sorry if this has been answered before. I bought KBZN yesterday during the sale and started a flight with my A319 at gate 3. For some reason my keyboard shortcut CTRL+J to move the jetway did not work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help! FTXflyer
  7. I am ready to make my first purchase using Orbx Direct but all the prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). How and when does the conversion to US Dollars occur since it is not displayed before I submit payment information. I would like to see the actual US Dollar amount before I submit payment info. Thanks for your help! FTXflyer
  8. Captain Z: I was not aware of the RWY 9 bug, so I now have 3rd party scenery that fixes the bug which I placed in my addon scenery\ scenery folder. Unfortunately still not seeing ILS. I think it may be due to scenery priority. Between Orbx scenery and specific addon scenery priority I am a little confused. Could you suggest where my addon scenery folder should always be placed in relation to Orbx payware scenery? Right now addon is located just above Ultimate Terrain. Above UT I have all my other 3rd party and payware sceneries and then at the very top priority Orbx. Thanks for your help and any suggestions! FTXflyer
  9. Attempting to land the default Cessna on RWY 9, After checking that my avionics were on and on the approach, I was unable to receive the localizer or glideslope at 111.55. I checked other airports with an ILS approach with no issues. Not sure if related to recent install of Southern California. I had no issues with the installation. Could someone please check this for me? Am I reading the approach chart wrong? Any suggestions that I could try to check this myself? I must be doing something wrong. Thanks! FTXflyer
  10. I only have several Orbx regions and a bunch of individual airports. After the migration the region folders appear to have 1 .migrated file of 1kb in size and all my airport folders do not have any migrated files.. Is this correct? I updated my library and FTX central to the latest version before doing the migration and all went well. The troubleshooter showed all green for the regions that I have. ftxflyer
  11. FTX Central prompted me to download and install the latest version of Orbxlibs (151213) which I did. When I checked my scenery config listing it showed the following local path: ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS. Is that correct? I don't have any AU scenery installed which prompted me to ask the question! Thanks for your help! FTXflyer
  12. I just downloaded an update to my KJAC scenery from my account on FSS. When I clicked on the huge zip file 11 files appeared. I then clicked on the exe file to extract the files and got an unexpected error. I could not continue with the installation. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks! FTXflyer
  13. Just updated my signature. Thanks for any help with KEUG! FTXflyer
  14. Getting set to fly from KEUG I noticed that the ATIS given on the FSX ATC menu is 125.200 while the most recent airport diagram shows 125.225.. If the diagram is right how can I update it in FSX? Thanks! ftxflyer
  15. Thanks for your response. I think I got it fixed! I tried another tool which I never used before. GSX has a parking customization feature which allows adding or changing pushback. It seemed to work OK for me. FTXflyer
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