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  1. Seriously? Did you already find them, lol? They appear with a randomness factor of only 5%, in 3 bazillion sim starts and restarts over the past couple weeks leading up to release I've only seen them once! I wasn't expecting anyone to find them for weeks ! Thanks very much for the kind words everyone, very much appreciated and I'm glad you like it Jim
  2. Hi Larry, I just checked FTX Central here and I only show the installation of SP3, nothing about SP1 or SP2 which I know I do have installed. What you see in "installed products" is actually contained in a simple text file named "FTX_NA_NRM.TXT" in this case which contains the version information. The text file would be overwritten with each update so I think it's perfectly normal that you aren't seeing anything specifically showing that SP1 has been installed. Once you install SP3 your FTX Central will in turn only show that you have SP3 installed. I would simply install SP3, but if you're still concerned about whether SP1 is actually installed it's perfectly OK to install that again followed by SP2 and then finally SP3 to bring your NRM up to date. We appreciate your 65S purchase BTW Jim
  3. spinker do you have the NRM SP3 patch installed? Check here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/63964-orbx-ftx-na-blue-northern-rockies-nrm-service-pack-3/ Jim
  4. Thanks for the compliments Ramón, glad you like it. To be honest I've been buried in GP textures so long I forgot airports even have things like AWOS, never gave it a thought. I'm looking at the afcad right now and I see I can add it easily enough, I'll update that and I'm starting a list for a service pack right now. Thanks, and thanks also for purchasing our airport. Jim
  5. Arrgghh, I didn't catch that you were using this in P3D, I seem to remember there was a thread through here recently regarding the region patches needing some special treatment to install into P3D. I don't even have P3D installed myself, but let me do some looking around and see if either I or someone with some P3D knowledge can verify that the patch installs correctly into P3D and/or what needs to be done to fix it if not. The error you're getting seems to indicate FTX Central is trying to do something in your FSX folder rather than your P3D folder, that may be because the 005 patch overwrote your FTX Central with an older version although I'm not sure. As near as I know the latest version of FTX Central is always bundled with the Orbxlibs so reinstalling those may put that part of the problems back on track. I would try that first. That may allow you get FTXCentral going so you can post a screenshot from the library insertion page where we could look and see if there's a problem with layering of some other addon. The water around Tipella makes me think there must be another source of hydro poly data active in a scenery layer above your Orbx stuff. Verifying that and moving it down below Orbx might be all that needs to be done. It seems possible that the manually added scenery you removed maybe was the former library insertion point and now with that gone, possibly FTX Central/ FTXConfigurator.exe doesn't know where to insert your Orbx stuff into the scenery.cfg. If that's the case, re-setting a new insertion point will probably fix the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience BTW, I know how frustrating it can be. EDIT: Is that Gordon's freeware Tipella in your screenshots or just default PNW Tipella BTW? If that's Gordon's, it appears all the ObjectFlowed vegetation isn't working either? Jim
  6. Do you have the PNW005 patch installed? Either way I would install it again and see if that helps: http://www.fullterrain.com/support.html#pnw EDIT: pay particular attention to the 2nd blue "i" bullet ("Always install this PNW.005 patch after a fresh install of NA Blue Pacific Northwest and any PNW airports...") Jim
  7. Funny, I was thinking that same thing myself! I think we're on the home stretch in the final round of testing now, it should be available very soon Thanks Iain for another great preview set! Also thanks very much for all the positive feedback folks, we really appreciate it! Jim
  8. I believe Holger included a fix for this in the latest NRM-SP3 update which should be in testing within a couple days. (Alex, we both have that pre-beta installed so hence your CYXS (and mine) appear correct.) Jim
  9. If you're going to nuke & pave I'd suggest installing FSX into a folder outside of Program Files (x86) next time as that's likely the cause of the "access denied" error. Jim
  10. That's odd, I have a "Frank Schnibben HD King Air" folder in my SimObjects\Airplanes! I just downloaded and installed this 2 evenings ago and I must say it is very nice work! For those of you wondering what I'm talking about: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=hbka350_hd*.zip&Author=&CatID=root Great job and thanks Frank
  11. Much appreciated guys, Alex and I are assembling an RTM-A as we speak! Jim
  12. Thanks guys, yes it's still coming along, the plan is to submit an RTM-A for beta testing on Monday, we had an RTM built already but during FTX Global week I added a bunch of new stuff so now we've decided to scrap our current RTM and build a new one incorporating my new stuff. I need to get my files together today and get them to Alex so he can put together another build, then that goes to Ed and he makes an installer out of it. We post that and let the beta team scrutinize it, hopefully we'll get 3 greens on beta testing and then it will be released. Here are some shots of the new stuff. Precision Helicopters ground poly and some new clutter. The concrete pad is the "1 (helipad)" start location in the go to airport menu, but you can start there with an airplane too: Added a modeled VASI in favor of the prior afcad VASI (4° glideslope!): Jim
  13. Yes, getting close, the beta testers are spread pretty thin at the moment, I wouldn't look for a release prior to FTX Global but it should follow soon after. Thanks for your interest, yeah, pretty excited . I grabbed a screenshot after some grass placements the other night: Jim
  14. Thanks Howard, an RTM build will be up for testing probably tomorrow, if the beta team finds it acceptable, release should follow in a few days. On the other hand if they find more warts that need fixing, I may be going back to the drawing board for a while, lol. The team is pretty tied up with FTX Global at the moment, so testing may take a little longer than usual.
  15. Hi Paul, I believe those are from Pablo Diaz's freeware HDE v1.0 package converted to 32 bit for FSX use. Note that there's an HDE v1.0 and an HDE v2.0 and the sky textures are different between the two. I'm using the sky textures from HDE v1 and the cloud textures from HDE v2 in these shots IIRC. Also the HDE packages were for FS9 so the sky textures need to be converted to 32 bit or they'll crash the sim. I think there's a download on Simviation where someone's already done the FSX conversions. Jim
  16. What do you mean by "it doesn't work"? The program won't start/run/inject? You're not seeing the effect in the sim? Shade is nothing more than a modification to your sky textures, if the modified textures are in your Textures folder it can't help but work so I'm assuming the problem is that the program won't inject in DX10 mode? Try this: Revert to DX9 temporarily start the sim and inject shade with the sim still running with shade injected, go into your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Texture folder, sort the folder by name, then copy the 140 "sky_***********.bmps" beginning with "sky_afternoon_0.bmp" and ending with "sky_sunset_9.bmp" to a temporary folder Close the sim, let Shade unload Copy/move the 140 .bmps from the temp folder back into your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Texture folder Go back into DX10 mode, fly the sim, you should see Shade Jim
  17. Wow, great shot Iain and congrats on 25000!
  18. Thanks everyone for the great feedback, it really means a lot. Tym, what do you mean exactly with useable hangar? You mean like a hangar with it's door open on certain days? At this point I don't dare add any unplanned features or else you guys won't see this scenery until September, but in all likelihood the airport will be service packed a couple months after release so I'll see what I can do for the SP. BPL, that panel was made by Bill Womack, you can get it here, scroll down about 1/3 of the way through the page: http://iblueyonder.com/freeware/ Jim
  19. 65S boasts 245 mega-pixels of synthesized 2cm groundpoly textures at this point, which pretty well wraps up the GP . Working on some grass placements and light maps at the moment, still a few fiddly things to do like adding some runway lights, etc. Here's the result of a recent photo mission. Thanks for looking Jim
  20. Roger that, if you installed it once then fiddled with the CP options and then reinstalled it again that would explain the duplicate files. When we beta test from one beta build to another we're generally instructed to delete the entire FTX_AA_CBB7 folder for example prior to running the updated build installer which prevents that from happening. Nice troubleshooting BTW Jim
  21. Grass lite and Heavy Grass Population are two different ObjectFlow scripts, so they can indeed both be ticked in the CP at the same time. Not sure how you ended up with ORBX_grasslite_Objectflow_CBB7.xml and ORBX_grasslite_Objectflow_CBB7.xml.OFF in the scenery folder at the same time but that will definitely prevent the CP option from working correctly. I cannot reproduce that scenario on my system via the control panel, but whatever the case may be, you found the correct fix in deleting one of the duplicate scripts. Glad to hear you've got it straightened out Jim
  22. Since some of the airport installers do overwrite region files, my opinion is that you should always reinstall the latest region patch after any airport installs. As an example, Cushman will overwrite a PNW road traffic file, at the time of release apparently there were some adjustments needed. KHQM Bowerman came along after Cushman and also needed some traffic adjustments, so if you had KHQM installed prior to installing Cushman, you'll see traffic driving around on the airport grounds at KHQM following the Cushman install. Reinstalling the PNW.005 patch will overwrite the traffic file once again with yet a further updated version which contains the adjustments needed for both airports. Jim
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