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  1. Installation of latest 150331 libraries in my P3D v2.4 was interrupted towards the end of the process by window saying that my XML.DLL file may be corrupted and FTX Central will not install into a corrupted XML.DLL, abort or continue with an empty XML.DLL, but warning an empty XML.DLL will mean other modules will not install (words to this effect, from memory). Is there an easy way for me to diagnose potential corruption of the XML.DLL file so that FTX Central v2 will accept? Have been waiting for FTX Central v2 release before shifting to P3D v2.5 because of extensive usage of Orbx products, but would still like to defer for a while, if I can solve XML.DLL. Would the FSX version of XML.DLL be a guide on what to edit in P3D. FTX Central v2 installed in FSX without problems.
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