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  1. Fabulous work - been waiting for this airport for decades, it's my home stomping ground, and this does it magnificent justice - many thanks Jarrad, well done Sir!
  2. Absolutely fantastic work - this will be an instant purchase for me, as this is my "home airport" in FSX, and only a few miles down the road from me in real life...
  3. It is not overstating the case to say that this package is a "work of art" - well done Gentlemen...
  4. Ah, okay - my search didn't come up with anything for it - sorry for the double report... Regards, Chris B. Edit: just searched on it again and found the original report, go figure...
  5. Per Subject Line: Regards, Chris B. aka - "Flapsdown"
  6. FSPS does not discernibly affect my graphics quality at all - but then again, I am not asking it to try and squeeze a frame rate out of my box that it is entirely incapable of, really only stabilizing my frames at around the 26 fps that I generally get in all circumstances except in big urban areas with resource heavy aircraft like the NGX, I have pushed it a few times just to experiment, basically allowing FSPS to starve my fiber frame fraction so severely that the "blurries" were really bad, but the resulting frame rate increasing was only marginally better than the 3 to 4 that I get running it more moderately - still, 3 or 4 frames represents better than a 10 percent increase in fps for me with very little money spent versus building a new box that I don't have the time to do currently, and the fact that FSPS does this dynamically in real time with FSX running makes it a much better solution that accepting a statically set reduction by lowering configuration file settings - so I get as good a balance between fps and quality as my hardware will allow at all times
  7. It has some limited utility for me - on the ground at heavy resource airports it generally improves my framerate by somewhere from 3-4 fps, which really helps keep me stay out of "slide show mode" - and as others have noted, it helps mitigate micro-stutters some for me as well. Once in the air, I found I no longer need it and just switch it off, which has been made all the easier, as it now has the ability to adjust its "dynamic tweaking" based on your altitude, and I set mine to go "off" at about 5000' AGL. Far from a magic cure all by a long shot, but nor is it simply a useless placebo either if your are running somewhat underpowered hardware as I am. As always, YMMV...
  8. I have noted this as well in an earlier submission: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/90069-ftx-eu-norway-windsock-direction-issue-enbs/ and have I seen it at various other fields in FTX Norway (but also still in other regions, like NZSI and NI as well), but not consistently...
  9. Hi Holger, I have not run the "Automatic Configuration" option in the Vector Configurator as I (apparently wrongly), inferred by reading the directions that this was to help with non-ORBX add-ons only, and I don't have any non-FTX scenery of any kind installed in FSX (well, I do have your Tongass Fjords X of course , and there have never been any issues there), but I will certainly give it a go now - many thanks for your reply... Kind regards, Chris B.
  10. As of yet, I haven't gotten any additional feedback as to what I might look for in terms of sorting this issue out, but for those folks who are enjoying zipping around FTX Norway as much as I am, you may want to check on these strips before flying in as I have found them to have elevation problems seemingly related to "Vector AEC" even though they are in a "Full, Fat" region, but "your mileage may vary" as we Yanks like to say, and the problem(s) could be related strictly to my system, even though all product installations seem good, and subsequent patches and library updates are in place: ENBV (Berlevag) ENBL (Bringeland) ENFG (Leirin) ENSS (Svartnes) If anybody else happens to spot one to add to list I'd be grateful to here about it, as these appear to be somewhat random in nature, but disabling them in the Vector Configurator has always fixed the problem so far. Cheers, Chris B. - aka "Flapsdown"
  11. Just more curious than anything else at this point, since I just disable the AEC entry with the Vector configurator, but any guess as to why I am having this issue inside of a "Full, Fat region"? I can just adjust these as I go, but if there was a more encompassing configuration correction I could make on my system, that would be nice - if not, this ad-hoc approach is not really a big deal - it seems that perhaps I just have a "funky" system setup for some reason as I haven't seen any other reports of this in Norway from other folks.... Cheers to all in the New Year, Chris B. - aka "Flapsdown"
  12. Both are extraordinary FTX areas, but if forced to choose one for now, my choice would be the South Island...
  13. More of an FYI than anything else, and no screen cap as it is the same issue and fix as my other item: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89970-ftx-eu-norway-enss-airport-elevation-issue-sunken/ Perhaps it is just my installation that has this problem - it is interesting that this has shown up in only 2 places so far. Again, I had to disable the AEC in Vector to get the airport to be correctly placed. Regards, Chris B. - aka "Flapsdown"
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