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  1. Say what you will, Orbx has rights..nothing to do with the EU or anyone else. Their property, their rules.. I love my Orbx scenery, and accept their rules in total.. anyone that does not feel this way should  not bother buying the product.

    I understand nOKEm's dilemma, and I am confident he will be helped, but hey, to you that don't like rules, nobody is forcing you to buy. Teecee.

    Hey Kid...where i'm saying that ORBX hasn't rights? Read carefully next time. ;)

    I'm saying only a sense common thing...In the countries where  they are selling products,  they need follow the law. Follow the law isn't a choice as you said, it's an obligation, Kid.


    I wish ORBX check the EULA...If it's OK, perfect.  If not, only need fix it. But in all cases, they will  find a solution for situations like Nokem suffer.



  2. Hi guys.

    I am a problem with FTX central.

    My system is running W7 64Bits. Run FTX Central as Admin.

    Well, in FTX Central when i select North America and click in "Apply"

    A window display "An unchecked exception in the application"

    Cant found part of the access path "G:\fsx\ORBX\Scripts\Backup\default.xml"

    I have not found the folder Backup in the folder Scripts.

    Later in FSX I see in scenary library ORBX folders added and when i launch FTX Central, the green tick is in North America. The reverse process, click in Default FSX and apply is succesful.


    P.D. My NET Framework is V 4.0

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