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  1. Patience is deffinately a must, as Ian said. I'd also throw a word of caution into having and maintaining realistic expectations in the process. I initially found that it became all too easy to start holding unrealistic expectations once I thought I understood the process, and kept wanting to try and push my hardware a little further to see what would happen.
  2. I couldn't help but take some snap shots of my hardware when I brought it home also. There is just such a beauty about seeing such amazingness all boxed up like that.
  3. Again, awesome feedback guys. Thanks a bunch! This has helped me in my decision process, and given me a couple of the anwsers I was seeking out. For that I am grateful.
  4. Sounds good Neptune. Thanks! I'll look into that then..it's hard to argue with screen shots like those. )
  5. Little fixes or not, there will never be the day that fsx can fully run in dx10 with all of our addons these days. The list is massive, and the sacrifices huge. A couple of extra fps in exchange for little anomolies here and there just arn't worth it for me personally. But if you are able to get it whrere your able to fly with your addons in a "satisfactory" state of things, then I say a big congrats. Best wishes with everything.
  6. I'll consider looking at stewart later on down the road, once it becomes a "finished" product, and the fixes are in place. With some of the issues I've heard about from other users that own it, I just don't think I'd be able to look past those things and be able to really enjoy my purchase. Don't let that suggest that I think it looks anything short of amazing, because it dose. But I will be holding off until a patch is released for that. Thanks again for all of the advice fellas! You guys rock!
  7. I gotta say, I didn't think I'd ever see a peopleflow this far advanced in what I'm seeing here. Kudos Orbx!!
  8. Most excellent suggestions guys. It would seem as though the general concenious is the same. I guess I'll be expecting some longitude and latitude points to do all that buzzing over your house then, Matt. lol. Many thanks for all of your feedback guys!
  9. So this is yet another one of those "which one should I get? b posts...lol I'm really considering either NZNI OR Stewart. So please don't go saying "get both!" lol. I realize that the differences are a region vs an airport, and from my understanding, after speaking with a few different people, there are various issues that need to be resolved with both. For instance; I was told that the water area around Stewart has some major issues with it, along with noticing a forum topic being generated for NZNI issues also. I understand that everything takes time and such, and that things are being worked on. But before I decide to purchase either of these items, I'd like to find out, preferably more so about Stewart, where things are in terms of getting a fix or fixes out to the customers. Normally I wouldn't even hesitate to think that a patch isn't far behind, but as in the case with CRM, even though it's nothing extremely major, we still have yet to see a patch for that, which has been in the works for quite some time from my understanding. While not getting exact dates for any of these things wouldn't hinder my decision to potentially buy one of these great products, it would be somewhat helpful and comforting to know that they wouldn't be too far behind either. Many thanks in advance for any and all feedback/advice from both current owners of these products mentioned and the devs possibly working on them!
  10. Awesome news! I've found this add-on to work especially well over some orbx scenery, as it really helps add another dimension of realism while quietly operating behind the scenes. it's cool that they continue to improve it. I wonder what exactly they did to it. Having this running along side shade works really well over great scenery like orbx. thanks again for the update!
  11. Well said Rob. Google dose have a massive supply of pictures on just about anything you could possibly put into the search engine.
  12. Thanks Ian! I will get in touch with him and connect him to this great community and yourself. I'm sure that once he starts diving in and finds that there are truly great places like this, that it is hard to just not fly anymore.
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