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  1. That was my plan as an existing game pass subscriber. It lasted all of four hours before I just bought the Premium Deluxe. So, yeah...
  2. I suspect Germany, given the assumption of a large market for it. Will be interesting to find out in due course.
  3. Can anyone point me to the announcement that Asia has been abandoned? This is the first I've heard of it. I've done a forum search and couldn't find it. Edit: Found something under a November post re OpenLC Africa. I assume that's it?
  4. I can assure you that England is not especially merry these days
  5. Never mind, apologies, I jumped the gun. It's now sorted.
  6. Hi, my installation of TE Washington SD XP11 is frozen at 99% complete. I would be happy to attach my central.log but, at 25MB, it seems to be too large for the forum software to accept. Any assistance would be appreciated, many thanks. Derrick Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: XP 11 Screenshot: Issue: Incomplete installation
  7. Wow, for a moment there I thought this was a late April fool's! A new MS flight simulator...
  8. What's the news on the Flight Velocity project? I haven't seen anything on the forum yet
  9. I believe I saw the roof of my house in the 2d photoscenery, but not as 3d autogen.
  10. Carenado released one recently, though I can't recommend it as I've never used it. Just for info.
  11. Will Orbx be making an official statement about 3P support for FSW? I'm assuming that they have been working with the Dovetail team under an NDA?
  12. According to the Steam page, it has integrated A2A Accufeel! :-)
  13. Have completed transfer from FSS to OrbxDirect, all went smoothly.
  14. @Doogles: No, I didn't use a download manager. That might have been the cause of the issue but I'm doubtful. I had also downloaded FTX Australia and a few other AU airports one after the other with no problems. But when it came to YCNK, I got the exact same issue with more than one download attempt, until I switched to the alternative server, then it was fine. Weird. Thanks for the cache tip, I'll try to remember that if I ever have similar issues in the future. That said, I've had bad downloads before, from other sources, and I've just re-downloaded again from the same source and got them correctly, without clearing cache first.
  15. Just to make you aware, the YCNK downloadable on the UK server appears to be corrupt in some way. I downloaded it a couple of times and it was always unextractable. I then tried downloading from Global CDN 1 and all was well.
  16. As anyone who has used Van Nuys Airport in FSX will know, the default taxiway signs in-sim do not match with the published airport diagram. Having installed Neil Hill's excellent freeware, I found that he has added correct taxiway signage for the airport, which is great. However, the original, incorrect signs are still visible, close to Neil's correct signs and sometimes obscuring them. Is there any way of removing the incorrect signs from the sim, presumably by manipulating or removing a system file? Please be aware that I am not very familiar with the technical guts of FSX, so a Dummy's Guide to fixing it would be appreciated! Many thanks
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