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  1. Hi Nick, Thanks for your reply - I believe we are in agreement. If for any reason the Orbx cloud service becomes permanently unavailable, then customers will not be able to use Central due to the inability of the current version to successfully login. So with the current Central software architecture, a user would be unable to install purchases from a Backup. Obviously authorised downloads would not be available due to no available service. However, there are some possible solutions, e.g. if there is no Orbx cloud service available, then Central could start in 'local mode' to allow installations from authorised purchased Backups. An offline encrypted cache containing the user password and purchased license information could reside on the Central client PC. The cache information would need to be kept in sync with the information held in the Orbx cloud when it's available. In some ways, this is similar to the way Windows keeps cached passwords on client machines that use a Microsoft email Account ID for authentication (users can therefore log into Windows when there is no internet connection). I suggested a local mode capability in my original post above. I agree with your suggestion in relation to backing up an installed Orbx P3D library. However, it would be more convenient to allow users to keep the ability to install scenery from their source Backups, especially for rebuilding installations. I would expect basic Consumer rights to be similar in most geographies. I would be happy to check with the regulators here in Australia in relation to perpetual software licenses and the need for customers to retain the right to have access to workable installation files and associated license keys that have been purchased. Regards, Peter
  2. Hi Nick, Thank you for your response. In relation to: 1. "The whole point of a cloud based marketing operation such as Orbx Direct, or indeed Steam, is that products can be purchased at any time and from then on, can be installed whenever the customer chooses and as many times as the customer wishes. There is therefore no need at all to follow the course of action that you put forward as a necessity." If the Manual Download function is withdrawn, then the only way to take delivery of the product content is through Central which unfortunately also forces an install. The preference is to take delivery of the product (i.e. download) at the time of purchase without installation for the reasons I have stated. To delay taking delivery until a future date is a risk, as it relies on the Orbx cloud service being available in the future. If anything untowards happens to the Orbx business, then customers will not be able to access their purchases. Even though the risks to the Orbx business may seem small, it's a risk nevertheless. 2. "The product licences are stored at Orbx Direct and therefore an internet connection to that is required. If anything untowards happens, then Orbx Central will not work and any purchases not yet installed will remain uninstalled until the problem is fixed." This is related to (1) and the response also depends on the availability of the Orbx cloud service in the future. Again, if anything untowards happens to the Orbx business, then customers will not be able to access their purchases, i.e. download content and licenses. Even though the risks to the Orbx business may seem small, it's a risk nevertheless. It may be prudent to seek the advice of the various Consumer Rights bodies in relation to acceptable practices. I hope this helps. Regards, Peter
  3. Hi, The Manual Download method was a convenient option as it allowed users to download in batch on a high-bandwidth device and then move the resultant files to their flight simulator computer. The death of the Manual Download was suspected back in August 2019 when no Freeware or Demos were converted to the new Central V4 format and there are still broken links on the Orbx Direct portal. I don’t mind Central v4 being used as a Downloader but it currently lacks convenient features, such as: - Being able to run on a computer without a flight simulator installed for the purpose of downloading into a Backup folder without installation. Sometimes a user might purchase an add-on during an Orbx special and then wants to download their purchase straightaway with installation occurring at some later date. Perhaps there is even insufficient disk space to install at the time of purchase. - Being able to log into Central v4 and install on a flight simulator computer without a network connection. If anything untoward happens to the Orbx cloud service in the future, then users may not be able to install their purchases from a Backup Like many other users, I have spent much effort downloading V3 and more recently V4 Manual Downloads. I tested the NZ North Island (NZNI) Manual Download today and noticed the following behavior: 1. The installation almost completes entirely from the NZNI Manual Download archive file except that 2 new files are downloaded. Namely, 64df597e-d727-4a5e-b13e-00a3555c091e.c.zip e199e27e-1d2a-4563-9730-80dd34f00407.c.zip 2. These 2 files are the only files in the NZNI Backup folder, so NO files are copied from the NZNI Manual Download archive 3. If you try a normal Install, these 2 files are used and the remaining required files are downloaded 4. If you unzip, the NZNI Manual Download archive and perform a file comparison, 2 files from the NZNI Manual Download archive are now not needed, namely, 7c87fb3e-3175-4521-9bf0-4ee756bbe031.c.zip e42aab5f-e47b-4acf-8e76-90a5feb01572.c.zip 5. If you try to create a complete NZNI Backup folder by, unzipping the Manual Download archive with the 2 new files from (1), then placing them into an empty NZNI Backup folder, followed by a normal Install, then Central v4 does not remove the 2 redundant files found in (4). So there appears to be no Central V4 cleanup feature. Obviously it would make sense to make the Backup folder the single source for installation, especially if the 'Install from Manual Download' option is removed from Central in a future release. Cheers Peter
  4. A step in the wrong direction. I am also not happy about losing the ability to download manually.
  5. I am also keen to re-download using the Manual Method. Message is "This product does not have a full build download available."
  6. Doug, Thanks for your response. The grey "Manual Download" buttons are still operable but now point to broken links (e.g. http://push.cdn.orbxdirect.com/141/_fuld0816aba-6cdf-4605-be75-2d5fb28d0af2.zip). Peter
  7. Hi, any update on when Manual Downloads for freeware products will be restored? The links have now been broken since mid Aug. I see responses on using FTX Central, but we now have an inconsistent approach when we use Manual Downloads for purchased products and Central for Freeware.
  8. Hi, any update on when Manual Downloads for freeware products will be restored? The links have now been broken since mid Aug.
  9. Great, the introduction of Central v4 has been a huge change so happy to wait until things get sorted. As you say, users can always download/install through Central in the interim. BTW, congratulations to the team for embracing the P3D add-on library approach in v4. It has so many benefits.
  10. Thanks Nick but I think the approach is inconsistent if this becomes permanent. I am using Manual Downloads for my purchased products and it was very efficient a few weeks back after a hard disk replacement.
  11. They can only be installed via Central. However, the Manual links on the Direct portal have been broken for about 2 weeks and I am anticipating both v4 and v3 format download links, similar to the purchased products.
  12. Hi, It appears that the OrbxDirect Manual Download content links for Freeware & Demos are currently not working. These link to the "http://push.cdn.orbxdirect.com/" server which may be down. Cheers, P
  13. Hi Josh Koz, sure. When Central V4 was initially released, these V4 Manual Download files were not available on the Orbx Direct portal. I had assumed that the then current Manual Download files on the Portal could be installed by the new Central V4 release, similar to the migration of an existing Orbx scenery library that had been installed by Central V3.
  14. Hi Josh Koz, as per my original message, this was a fresh install of P3Dv4.5 followed by my Orbx installations using the Manual Download method (i.e. selecting the required zip file). So no, not a migration. However, as of yesterday, I only had access to the Central v3 Manual Download files and I note today that Orbx has introduced new Manual Download files for Central v4 on the Direct portal.
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