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  1. Oh my! Prepare for internet meltdown on the 30th then! Looking great though, has a minimum spec been posted of what we'll need to run it?
  2. Great work everyone, there's no 'thumbs up' emoticon to use but if there was I'd have used it several times! Just installed a couple of freeware airports as well as the library update and it was all trouble free and nice and quick too. I did encounter the "you do not have access to this build" message but it only took me a few seconds to find the answer Simon
  3. KCEC sounds like it needs investigating, that this afternoon's flight sorted then Simon
  4. It's not just the airport you're getting, there's lots of the surrounding area that's been modelled too: https://www.fullterrain.com/product/pavd And it is Orbx quality, $40 is a steal! It's roughly £23 GBP so that seems the going rate for a high quality payware airport, Simon
  5. No need for anything else? Don't forget all of the lovely airports that go very well with PNW Welcome to Orbx world Cthudak, you live in a very scenic part of the world by the way! Enjoy PNW, Simon
  6. Sounds good Reg, downloading now! Simon
  7. I think the guys from REX are working on some HD airport building textures, there's some info on D'Andre's news site, Regards, Simon
  8. Another old-schooler here, I've always had a great experience with FSS so I share your concerns. I'm also a bit wary about having to rely on a Steam-type interface for downloading. My home broadband service is, on a good day, usually running at about 4Mbps. It's usually ok for downloading airports but for larger areas forget it. Luckily I'm an IT bod and have a superquick uplink at work so at the moment accessing larger files isn't a problem. Will we still be able to download the files required from another computer without having FTX Central installed on it? Simon
  9. Well that's a strange one! For what it's worth I installed Stewart last night and it looks fine. I'd also say that it's probably worth looking at your graphics drivers. What flavour of graphics card do you have? nVidia or ATI? If you're running nVidia hardware do you use NVI? Simon
  10. Another simmer here in need of a chair upgrade, it's only a matter of time before the duct tape and string have to come out! Simon
  11. Another confirmation here as I was having the same issues, Regards, Simon
  12. That file swap did the trick! Many thanks again Tim, hopefully this will get fixed in the next libraries update, Simon
  13. Many thanks Timmy74, that exactly the issues I'm having. I'll try that fix later, Thanks again, Simon
  14. Hi All, I've recently installed 65S Bonners Ferry as part of the latest round of P3Dv3 upgraded aiports, unfortunately this one doesn't seem to have gone well! The other airport installers were fine and I've also made sure that I have the latest libraries installed. Has anyone any ideas as to why this airport install should have ended up like this? Regards, Simon
  15. A work colleague of mine sent me this: http://www.content-delivery.co.uk/aviation/airfields/ Some nice aerial views if you're interested in that sort of thing, Simon
  16. Just downloaded them myself, I think the virtual skies over the UK will be fairly busy this weekend. Added Welshpool to the list, well it would be rude not to! Another big thanks for all the hard work you've done to get the V3 installers out, Simon
  17. Crikey Ed, that's a really low figure! I religiously run the latest Orbxlibs as soon as it's released and keep it handy if it needs to be re-run after a new/updated install, Simon
  18. You have a similar system to me merlinux. In fact I get far better performance in NCA using v3 than I ever did with v2, hence I dumped v2! As you've pointed out there must be something else running in the background that is causing the lowered fps, Simon
  19. Crikey Russ, that sure is a bumper bundle you're giving us! Looking forward to that one, Regards, Simon
  20. Thanks for this info Jay, like many others I have a 'few' Orbx products so was getting worried about not being able to put all of my order numbers in! Simon
  21. It was horrific. I live a few miles north of Shoreham and was watching the Hunter display when it went down. There's a lot of grief around these parts at the moment. Just heard news at least seven people have lost their lives. The jet hit the main road junction by the airport and at that time of day the area was packed with vehicles and pedestrians. My thoughts go out to the loved ones of those unfortunate people who won't be going home tonight, Simon
  22. I always look forward to the Shoreham airshow as it's just down the road from me. Today was one of those rare days when flying becomes deadly: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/13620557.Plane_at_Shoreham_Air_Show_crashes_into_cars_on_A27/ I was watching Hunter from my lounge and didn't realise the smoke I saw a few minutes later was it actually crashing. There was that awful quiet pause then all I could hear was sirens for the next hour. My thoughts go out to all those caught up in this, it's not looking too pretty down there at the moment. i'd just like to thank XH558 for doing a single fly-past, total respect to the crew. Keep safe. Simon
  23. I'm with Frank! Not had any issues so far apart from the NVIDIA driver issue but that was sorted in about 15 minutes. Everything runs fine, the start-up time is quicker than a quick thing, by the time I've turned all my monitors and other bits on I'm ready to log in. FSX:SE, P3Dv2.5, Train Simulator 2015 and some first-person shooters all run fine. I say just go for it! Simon
  24. Another thumbs-up for REX 4, as said previously running it along with soft clouds will give it an even better look, Simon
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