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  1. It's all working fine for me now, but thanks for the offer anyway. If things look ok to you at Emo (as they appear to do) then you probably don't have the problem to start with. I noticed it myself at the unlisted Kokoda Trail strips that are part of the AYPY scenery. It would have been fine if I didn't also have Emo installed. The problem seems to be that if you have both of these sceneries installed in P3Dv4 using the Orbx Add-on.xml definitions, it's possible that one of the object BGLs that displays huts and other objects at the strips ends up effectively being listed twice in the scenery library which can cause the non-display of textures as I understand things. This is certainly what happened to me and which I was able to fix. You need to be comfortable with finding your way around the Add-on.xml definitions to check this out so I was hoping that someone from Orbx might take a quick look to verify what I think I found but I guess this scenery isn't much used now. It will be some time before I get onboard with MSFS2020 so for now I'm still enjoying the P3D scenery. Rob
  2. I've been flying the PNG bush strips again in P3D 4.5 using the Milviz Porter. I think I've found a problem with the way the AYEO Emo Mission scenery is installed if you are using both of these sceneries (AYPY is stated as a requirement for Emo in any case). Basically one of the object BGLs is duplicated resulting in no textures showing. I first noticed this on landing at one of the Kokoda Trail strips and all the local buildings were displaying black without textures. After a bit of searching (and comparing with my old P3D v3 install) I realised that Orbx_PNG_LIB_huts.BGL is present in both sceneries. Disabling the Emo Mission scenery temporarily fixes the problem. In P3D v3 the Emo files are present in the AYPY scenery folders i.e. no separate scenery install, but in v4 there are separate in XML add-on definitions for both. My workaround is simply to remove the Emo scenery package and incorporate the scenery files in the AYPY package which seems to work fine as there are no other package items apart from the scenery folder. I just wanted to report what I'd found so someone could take a look. (Edit: The only two files shared by these sceneries are Orbx_PNG_LIB_huts.BGL and Orbx_PNG_PLC_effects.bgl so these could be removed from AYEO to avoid duplication assuming that AYPY is installed which is a requirement anyway. I've tested this visually and it looks fine but there may be implications I'm unaware of.)
  3. You'll see from my earlier posts that I wasn't happy about this either. I'm on 10Mb ADSL and it takes a while to download these large TE regions. I have all the XP TE regions, all of which I downloaded directly at work using a fast connection. However, since I had no choice with TE Florida (having overlooked the information that it wouldn't be available directly) I gave it a go using Orbx Central. The whole thing took around 12 hours to download over a few days, while I wasn't using my sim PC for flying. I found that pausing the download, closing Orbx Central then restarting another time seemed to work without issues - Orbx Central seems pretty robust now in this regard. The one thing I needed to do was restrict the texture conversion process to use minimal resources as otherwise it takes all the CPU capacity you have available. With the long download time the extra processing time didn't make great deal of difference but meant that I was able to keep using my PC, although not for flying. I'm also fortunate that others in my household didn't need much access to the internet during the time I did most of the downloading. If you have a slower or intermittent internet connection the issues will be greater for you but I found that at least in my case it's workable although not desirable.
  4. +1 If you look at my post #8 above you'll see I've found a way to make it manageable but I'm still not happy about losing the ability to download directly. Most people have fast connections these days so I suppose it isn't cost effective to incur extra expense holding additional downloads for a very few of us. But if you are at the receiving end (literally ) of that decision you may see it differently. I must say that over the years I've generally gone with the flow of changes that Orbx have made but this is the first one that I've felt the need to speak out about.
  5. Hi. I'm actually in the processing of downloading Florida (HD) and have around 4GB worth of the product after a couple of hours of downloading. I can see that the install location has around that size of files and the temp location is also being used. However the backup location shows nothing yet. I can only assume that the backup is made at the end of the installation process from the completed download. If you tick that option after already downloading and installing it will have no effect at all. You need to download the whole thing again I think. Rob
  6. Bob - You can't after installation. Backups are created and managed automatically in Orbx Central at the time of download and installation.
  7. Thanks Nick, I've also found for myself that indeed I can. One problem though, I had assumed that the download would run to completion and then the file processing would start. Not true! Every few minutes the texture processing workers kick in to convert the downloaded files which hammers the CPU, not viable when running a sim at the same time Restricting the affinity of the parent Orbx Central process doesn't help, the texture processing workers seem to run on any core regardless. Oh well, seems I'll just have to dedicate the machine to downloading and installing for a (very) lengthy period. The problem for me is that my broadband is quite slow for 2020 so I'm at a real disadvantage here. There is a glimmer of hope. Seems BT may soon finally get round to installing fibre in my street and my ISP will offer me a cheaper package overall for VDSL than I'm currently getting with my slow ADSL package. Now if BT would just get on with it. Edit - Restricting the affinity of the OrbxCentralWorker executable helps. The texture conversion processes get spawned from this. So although installation itself will be slowed down at least my machine is generally usable at the same time, it most certainly isn't otherwise. Since my download is so slow anyway this is at least acceptable.
  8. I'm also one of the 2%. 50 GB will take a long time for me and can only be downloaded on my sim machine so that resume function in Orbx Central will get some heavy use. I'm wondering if it's possible to run Orbx Central at the same time as a simulator provided they are not the same. In other words I use two versions of P3D and also X-Plane so could I download and install an X-Plane scenery while flying P3D? That would at least make it easier to download the big photo-sceneries over time.
  9. This is getting interesting... Presumably this was why Switzerland Pro from the FSX days was expensive. I was able to get that and some of Frank Dainese's 3D mountain scenery for the Alps working well together a long time back. Having just started with XP any Alps scenery (including airports like Courchevel) would be a definite purchase for me. Also I note Frank moved his 3D development work to XP a while ago as it allowed better results. Time to look into that too, his freeware FSX versions of Mont Blanc and the Dolomites were spectacular.
  10. I'm glad I held back from installing this too soon and will wait to see what the fixes might provide. I'm one of the very small minority of P3Dv3 users and will need to migrate soon if I wish to use the forthcoming OLC sceneries. I also have yet to start using X-Plane but have the software and have taken advantage of the cross-grade while it still exists. What I propose to do is put both P3Dv4 and XP on a new large dedicated SSD and try using Orbx Central on that. My existing FTX Central will stay on it's own drive and continue to be used with P3Dv3. From what I'm reading that should work without issues and let me enjoy my existing old stuff while taking advanatge of the new. I'm happy to have duplicate p3Dv4 versions of all my scenery (which is almost everything to date) on the new drive, building up as I start using the sim. And if it goes pear shaped I have images of everything and even a mirrored drive...
  11. All working now. I had to mess around a bit with some duplicate BGLs present at the same time in both the .bgl and .OFF state, but this was a result of my using the control panel and copying in files from the downloads while I was testing. That wouldn't happen normally if the instructions are followed correctly. Anyway, it definitely seems these XML object flow files were missing from my P3Dv3 install of AUv2. Thanks again for your help and please let me know if you find out anything more.
  12. Thanks Nick, will try them later when I'm home and let you know. Looking at the zip I'm very confident this will sort out the problem I'm having.
  13. Yes, that when I noticed the problem. I downloaded every one (including the specific P3D versions where these were available) and copied the contents to the Orbx folder, overwriting as instructed. The AUv2 switch works fine in all the updated airport config panels except for the five airports I've listed. For those with the problem, the switch does not persist and I've tracked it down to the XML files I seems to be missing in my AUv2 SCENERY folder. If I amend the XML config file (temporarily) to remove just the lines referring to those object flow files then the config panel works fine for these airports. Presumably if the config panel app doesn't see the AUv2 files it expects then it assumes that AUv2 compatibility is off. Thanks
  14. Hi Nick, I do have a problem then, I have none of the XML config files you show in the AUV2 scenery folder, or anywhere else in my Orbx folders for that matter. The other BGL files you show are present as expected. I've repeated the AUv2 install twice now, removing the old AU before doing the first install. The first time I downloaded and installed through FTX Central, the second time I installed from a manually downloaded zip file. No errors were reported either time and everything seems set up as expected. I didn't know I had a problem until I tried using the control panel for the updated airports I've listed. I'm still using P3D v3, not sure if that might have any bearing if some files are targeted to a version. Editing the xml files was just an attempt to track down the cause of the problem, I have backups of the original.
  15. I've been having problems with the new AUv2 config settings sticking for the following airports: YBBN, YMMB, YMML, YSCB, YSTW. Looking at the config settings files I notice all are referring to files similar to the example below: <file> <onPath>ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\Scenery\ORBX_AUV2_YBBN_windsocks_ObjectFlow.xml.OFF</onPath> <offPath>ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\Scenery\ORBX_AUV2_YBBN_windsocks_ObjectFlow.xml</offPath> </file> However, there are no ORBX_AUV2...files at all in the target scenery folder. I do notice that a similarly named object flow file is in the folder of the specific airports though. Just in case my install is messed up I tried uninstalling and re-installing AUv2 from a full manual download with the same result (there were no file differences between that and my original install, confirmed with a file and folder comparison tool). Hoping this is the only problem I tried removing the similar lines from the settings config files for the above airports and it fixed the problem for all but YSTW which I still haven't found the cause for yet. Unless there is some weird problem with my install (and I've done it twice now from a clean start) there must be an error in the listings of the config files or files missing from the downloads? Many thaaks, Rob
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