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  1. Phantastic ones Especially the first one is awesome.
  2. I did the Camino a few years ago. We went to Bilbao by bus, stayed a night and went to Pamplona (also by bus) and went by feet from there to La Finistere and back to Santiago de Compostella. With Santiago (by Aerosoft I think) I can do this whole Pilgrimage again by plane Looking forward very much. By the way: The sreens look awesome
  3. Great pics I started in Muenster today and got to Guetersloh. Its kinda boring but for tis Westphalia and not Orbx is to blame Right now I am starting FSX again to continue with heading Detmold and the Teuto round there. There are quite a lot POI. I ll try to post some pics later.
  4. Made a first flight over my hometown Münster into the north. Sadly I got a crash at EDDG but that was because of Windows Defender starting to block my CPU. What I saw was great. The little cities and towns are way better defined. I am looking forward to do some more sightseeing today
  5. Got it and now I try downloading Thanks for the pictues, Iain. They are great as usual.
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