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  1. Just at the start, I don't know why they are not using default grass instead. Other than that, I think it's good. Would like to see a comparison with the hand-made Innsbruck airport from Asobo.
  2. Love Iceland and I wish to see more products about this country in the future. — To Orbx Team: Will the new airports features the new ground services and live AI traffic? Thank you
  3. I think ORBX can still be useful. The terrain in the new Flight Sim is automatically or partially generated by sat. data and some AI. We can see in the cities that trees are just shape and not a full tree with leaves and everything. But when we see elephants, the trees are placed by hands and we see grass. Now ORBX can always make true cities with hand-placed buildings, trees and roads. What do you think?
  4. Look awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReDDgFfWlS4 Hope they release a new Sidewinder joystick too!
  5. That will be a great year. Love that you return to Australia and New-Zealand. Wish to see those place in XP11 or other simulators as well.
  6. That's awesome. I went here 6-7 years ago with school. I also found the emergency helipad : 47.375645, 11.745105
  7. Hi, Just a small question about ORBX Airports. Does it feature animated/moving gates? If not, why and do you think it will be possible in DTG Flight Simulator? Thank you
  8. I would love to pay for that But you have time, if everything go as planned, the runway will only be operational in 2022 or 2024.
  9. Look great. But what about new runways update? http://melbourneairport.com.au/developments/runway-development-program/maps-and-photos.html In V4?
  10. Look great. But what about new runways update? http://melbourneairport.com.au/developments/runway-development-program/maps-and-photos.html In V4?
  11. Nice to see that it's still in development.
  12. Hi, I didn't know where to post my topic, because it's not really a technical question. I just want to know what are you using to play multiplayers since Gamespy shutdown? I found this cool website if you are interested : http://fsxmultiplayer.com/index.html Also, I remember about 5 years ago a website that showed a map (with aircraft location) and players list, but I don't remember what was the website. It was almost like fscloud, but it wasn't that. It was not with a downloadable client, but it was with Gamespy I think. Hope you will find and share how do you play online Thank you
  13. Me I have nothing against Steam, but I prefer physical copy of the game I have. First of all, downloading is long and after you need to install... Secondly, when you have a new computer, you have to redownload the game instead of just insert the disc and install. Thirdly, with Steam, they add the feature that you can share license with some of your friends, but it will never be like everybody can have your hard copy... It's why I'm sad that Ebgames doesn't put more PC games in store. Could be fun!
  14. Just that make me like my disc version... Just sad that they are not updating the disc version.
  15. Hi, just to make sure, because I'm not familiar with FTX Central, it's just a software to check if you need update? It's not a new Flight Sim launcher (even if FSX UI look old and need a new one)? Thank you and continue the great work! It look really fresh and cool!
  16. I read that Dovetail Games buy Microsoft Flight Simulator license, but I don't know if it's only for FSX or they will make a new flight sim in the futur... But I know they will release the game on steam and make some extension pack (and maybe a patch)... Wait and see
  17. Awesome work guys! The website is really cool and I love to be able to check for airport update inside the airport page instead of "Support". The design is very cool! Next step is the forum? hahahaha... Good job!
  18. I know it's old, but you are doing a great job!
  19. Hi, I don't have FTX product yet, but I'm following every update since the beginning. I don't have money to buy one product because I am 19 and it's really hard to find a job in my city... (but that's another story) I just want to know if there are animations for : - Animated gate - Fuel truck thx
  20. Hi, just want to know if ORBX team plans to release other virtual tour instead of only FTX AU. http://fullterrain.com/virtualtours/aublue/au_blue.html thx very much
  21. just one question : Where are the house? but nice job, can't wait to see more
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