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  1. Thanks for all this help by the way rlly appreciated! I got it to work, all the gltiches are fixed. I organized all the scenery library and verified the files in central and it fixed itself. Thanks, gabe
  2. OK, so the water on land situation disappeared but now we have this problem...this is funny to me
  3. Ok yea so thats the same exact one. Do you want me to delte any of these other ones?
  4. So here, do you want me to move all the Orbx products under edwards afb?
  5. Yes, I did the fsx registry tool already. Is there anything i should do more for this?
  6. How do you know which one the lowest non Orbx third party entry it is when it could be multiple areas? I had the same problem in houston (KIAH) and Miami (KMIA)... Also, I loaded back up into seattle and I got the same thing. The water was still in the land...
  7. I just found the correct .cfg it was in another folder... Scenery.CFG
  8. OK couple of things to answer your reply: -I have a different scenery.cfg you can try and this one is in the fsx root folder. (The new cfg will be below) - I also provided a screenshot of the install location which is the root folder and the addon scenery folder, no Orbx products under there Hold on im just editing this reply after I found the scenery.cfg in another fsx folder under the "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX". I had 2 there one was an "FSX-SE" folder (which is my current version) and "FSX Scenery.CFG
  9. I just unchecked DX10 I found it on youtube. That screenshot is the Seattle, WA area with an airport Scenery of taxi2gate KSEA. Ill attatch the scenery.cfg below... gabe Scenery.CFG
  10. Doug, First and for most thanks for replying but I followed the instructions and it still didn't work for me. I spawned into Seattle and the water was still over the land and on the mountains...anything else we can do? (**Note** I do have taxi2gate scenery for KSEA FYI) gabe
  11. Hi, this weird glitch is going on in my sim where i have water as land and the autogen isnt loading properly. I tried to search up videos on how to fix it but nothing appears to be working for me. I have Global base, vector, and openLC North America. Ive looked in the forums here but none of them seem to be working but maybe im doing something wrong.
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