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  1. Thank you, Nick! I had done the file verification on Orbx central before. Meanwhile, I checked another topic and followed Doug's suggestion (https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/211491-terraflora-v2-vector-prepare3d-v53-crash-to-desktop/). I guess the sync simulator function has also done a little of its magic. Best wishes, Marco
  2. Dear all, I hope you are all fine. I have installed P3Dv5.3 and I noticed that at Kelowna airport CYLW I have no SODE jetways and red crosses all over the airfield. I have activated and registered P3Dv5 with the SODE Platform Manager, I have verified the CYLW files, as well as the libraries files and the SODE files on the Orbx central software. Since red crosses were still there, I uninstalled CYLW, reinstalled it and repeated all verification procedures; the red crosses just don't want to get away. Any other suggestions? Thank you all for your help and support. Best wishes, Marco
  3. Joao, I guess you need to select the simulator(s) for the products you'd like to buy. Choose the option "all simulators". It's on top of the page. I can see some FSX with a discount price. I hope to have helped. Marco
  4. Dear all, I hope you are all doing fine. I was just wondering why, for instance, you have a discount on the Digital Design EGGP Liverpool John Lennon Airport for MSFS and XP, but not for P3Dv5. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Marco
  5. Hello Nick, Thank you for your reply. So, I guess, there is actually nothing I can do it about, right? Never mind... Cheers, Marco
  6. Dear Captains, I hope you are all fine! I was just wondering that after a flight from PAJN to PAKT during an early morning approach (about 7.30 a.m.) there were no visible runway lights. I searched on the forum but could not find anyone having reported this issue. Runway lights are, however, visible in earlier nighttime periods. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks in advance for any kind of help. Best regards, Marco
  7. Dear all, I have just bought and installed Helsinki EFHK airport (ON: 5fad23864e1bb) and am disappointed that SODE jetways are not showing although files are installed in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects and C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml. I hope that somebody can soon help. Thank you very much in advance for that... Kind regards Marco
  8. Thank you all! Let's be patient then... Best regards, Marco
  9. Dear all, I hope you are all fine! Allow me one question, which I do not know exactly has been asked before: will products like London City (EGLC), Sumburgh Airport (EGPB), Idaho Falls (KIDA), Redding Municipal (KRDD), Telluride RA (KTEX), Tapini Airport (TAP), and others alike be upgraded for P3Dv5? Thanks in advance! Best wishes to all, Marco
  10. Dear all, I installed Australia V2 - great scenery, btw!!! - and flew from Wellington to Melbourne. I placed my aircraft at gate D8 and apparently there are default buildings (see attached files). I tried to deactivate these setting AI Traffic YMML-bgl-files to .off but it didn't work - the issue is still there. I don't know what else to do... Thanks a lot in advance for help and support. Kind regards, Marco (Transaction ID: 5cfca10dd7cac)
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