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  1. Hi, @Finni Hansenis there any update regarding my problem at this point in time?
  2. I'm running (newest version). It's a fairly new installation.
  3. Hi, I forgot to do that initially. However, I've now deinstalled my shaders, deleted the folder and restarted P3D. I'm still experiencing the same problem.
  4. Apparently I got a problem that was fixed via patch in P3Dv3 - Snow on the airport does not match the surrounding area at all. What I tried: - Disabling all shader add-ons - Reinstalling the scenery (after verifying Norway files and doing the VECTOR elevation setup) - Making sure my insertion points are set up correctly (and the required files from Norway are set off) - Making sure I have the recommended texture settings enabled - Changing seasons (does work, only problematic with snow)
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