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  1. Thanks Jon. I tried without loading TE Spain and they are OK, but reading your reply I now think it may be as you say, duplicate poles from the default airports. Thanks once again Jon for your time and your great help.
  2. Valencia seems OK. It just seems to be the Red and White striped lights at Malaga (LEMG) and Alicante (LEAL).
  3. Is there anything that can be done, on the airport floodlight poles there seems to be 2 rows of what I can only describe as black ants the length of the floodlights. I never took much notice about it until last night whilst watching FD2S taxi-ing at Alicante I could see the ants on his floodlight poles as well. If I remember correctly Malaga and Valencia is the same.
  4. UPDATE I have successfully managed to install SAM 3 having downloaded it from a Aerosoft package. Thanks for your time and can you please CLOSE this post.
  5. On my first purchase from Orbx I installed the free SAM via Orbx Central. Orbx Central installed ver 2.2.9 in a folder named SAM in my X plane directory/resourses/plugins/ This worked fine with the SAM available in the Plugins menu. Updating SAM to ver 3.0.10 using Orbx Central stops X Plane from loading. I moved the 2.2.9 folder, Orbx Central then showed it was not installed. After installing it, it shows the SAM folder in /resources/plugins/ and the version txt file shows as 3.0.10. When X Plane loaded the SAM is not showing in my Plugins menu. I have moved the updated 3.0.10 folder and put back the 2.2.9 folder and the SAM is visible and useable in the drop down menu. X-Plane 11.55 - Catalinia macOS Any help please.
  6. 1. Is there any plans for the future to have the airport name sign above the terminal building to be lit during night time. 2. I am unable to receive ATIS on 113.9 using the Orbx airport scenery, I receive the morse code identifier OK. When using default X-Plane 11 airport the ATIS works OK, I receive both voice and text information.
  7. Ed and John Thank You very much. I've just purchased it at $0.00 AUD (after logging in, then the discounted price was shown). Its now showing in my account.
  8. Manage your Orbx products here. Your products Region TrueEarth EU Balearic Islands - X-Plane 11 TrueEarth EU Canary Islands - X-Plane 11 TrueEarth EU Spain South HD - X-Plane 11 Airport GCTS Tenerife South Airport - X-Plane 11 LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport - X-Plane 11 Managed to cut and paste the above.
  9. John. I've checked on Orbxdirect.com and NO its not showing there. Iam unable to load a screenshot of 202kb as this page reports Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200) OK
  10. I recently purchased True Earth EU Spain South HD. In Orbx Central the HD version is available, but on the release announcement it states "Customers who purchase the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who purchase the SD version can upgrade to the HD version at a discount." The SD version is not showing in my products in Orbx Central.
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