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  1. Tried disabiling the GCTS mesh and that worked, however now the airport buildings and signs are floating. Do you know how I could fix that? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I tried that, and I still get the same result with your updated scenery_packs.ini. I dont use an organiser tool, I havent touched the .ini file since the Canaries were installed by Orbx, so that is very odd. In reference to an LSZH addon, I dont recall downloading a scenery for Zurich, neither can I find an airport or mesh on my ini file or my custom scenery file. Did you mistake zurich for another airport that I should try to disable? Thanks
  3. I have done a short flight around all the Canary islands. All of them except Tennerife island are fantastic. It looks like only the airport scenery from GCTS which I also purchased is showing. Not the island mesh as shows with GCLA. Its very odd
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I have Orbx Libraries installed, and runways follow terrain is ticked. Here is my scenerypack.ini. I have zero issues with La Palma, so its werid that tennerife is having issues. Thanks again scenery_packs.ini
  5. Hi, On Tenerife island I am having some issues with the mesh. La Palma airport and the island look amazing, however tenerife looks odd. I have purchased the serpeate tenerife airport from Orbx as well. Some places look good, but some sections look default as in the pictures. Any help is appreaciated.
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