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  1. Dear all, regarding the updates: I had updated to version MS FS 19.9.0, World update VI Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Orbx I was just checking but honestly I am lost for the time being. Frankfurt landmarks are not part of the add ons I had bought and when I check on market place I can't find it either - I have no explanation for that Just for reference here is a screenshot of Frankfurt city with the buildings which I guess are part of Obx' Frankfurt Landmarks and the building surrouding these are 2D images predominantly - before I had cleared the issue of the additional building as shown in the screenshot by Nick with his support e.g. the power station on the right hand side was surrounded by 3D building. Sorry to keep so many helpful people busy - it is OK not to respond - maybe I need to wait for an update of Franfurt City Pack (before it disappeared I saw only Version 1.0) Regards to all that had been involved
  2. Dear all, I was very happy about the quick support I had received and which solved the issue with the building at the wrong place and size. One thing I realized when flying over Frankfurt City was: Now, despite the buildings that are part of Orbx's Frankfurt City Pack, which are nicely displayed as 3D modells, the vast majority of other buildings are not displayed in a three dimensional mode any more - now only 2D textures (pictures) are displayed for these. So there might be still some work to do for Orbx's team to blend the Frankfurt City Pack into the Microsoft Landscape. Best regards Cloudhunter
  3. Hi Nick, you are online - very nice Your recommendation was successful - thank you for your support I can now enjoy the Frankfurt scenery again without any disturbance. I hope it will not re-occur. Have a nice day Best regards Cloudhunter
  4. Dear Nick, dear Jon, thank you very much for supporting me on the issue. The upper screenshot Nick had posted shows exactly the problem I encounter. This is the building that appears on my screen when selecting Frankfurt airport for mydeparture and fly towards Frankfurt City Center. Even though Nick has given detailed advice I am struggling to find respective files on my computer. But for the time being that should be my problem. I need to consult a friend of mine who is more a techno savy than I am. In case this mistake could be deleted by an update of the Frankfurt city pack that would be easiest. For the time being thank you very much for your fast support provided
  5. Since I had updated MSFS to version a building is displayed between Frankfurt airport and Frankfurt city center. The building is so huge that it covers wide parts of the city and can be seen from kilometers away. I suppose it is a building shown on an estimated 100 fold bigger scale
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