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  1. Does that mean the legacy regions won't be further developed? That would be a major setback.
  2. I have been living in Berlin for 35 years and I know the city quite well. When I took the first flight I was ready to be a little disappointed because I knew my expectations would be somewhat unfair. Having a good feel for the limitations of a 32bit sim and taking into account that this is a "lite" city scenery I was surprised how well my home city was represented. I could fly along the streets and S-Bahn lines I used to commute for decades. Achieving that with a decent performance is a huge step for sim tech. Getting that for some 38€ is a steal!!! Then i went on to some local small airfields (e.g. EDBZ) that I have been flying from in real life and I was happy to see a very acurate representation of the club houses and hangars and even the unpublished details of the airfield structures! My wife and I were looking for the field we had been forced to do an off-field landing. This way I can relive some good times in my life. I canot thank you enough for giving Germany that love of detail and I hope so much that there will be airports by someone else then Aerosoft. Especially regional airports with a lite scenery. I know Germans are hard to win over and they are usually a little intimidated by sucessfull companies. But we have one of the most dedicated and largest sim communities in the world here and they are not used to good treatment by sim companies. Give it a try and enbrace the freeware community.
  3. I am running P3D1.4 and I got a performance jump in South Germany (Global+Vector+OpenLC, moderate settings) from around 20 fps to something between 50 and 76 just by installing them. My machine is a i7-3930k with a Geforce 580. That's crazy!
  4. I would like to get in contact with someone who has the authority to grant rights for using ORBX scenery in commercial products. Thanks.
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