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  1. The Copilot display (which is shown in the screenshots) doesn't appear to show though. Maybe this was changed in an update? Unless there's another button/switch for it?
  2. Hi, Having just recently purchased the Cessna 140 I have one question. In the description it says the following "Hidden modern navigation suite fitted to the cockpit panel for IRL navigation (totally optional). Is there a way to show the panel? Or does this feature require going to the files etc? Many thanks!
  3. Thank you. There is one thing I've noticed and have tested it a few times now. MSFS will load any flight plane outside of the UK even though the Landmark Pack is installed. I then tried one within the UK. The loading freeze happens again. I'm not sure if this information is any help or not.
  4. There's very little running in the background along with Windows 10. I have the Ryzen Master software from AMD. Switching this off didn't resolve anything. I also have the Windows Security software. This is built into Windows 10. After looking through the Event Viewer in Windows 10 I've found nothing related to the issue with MSFS. I've attached a screenshot of the frozen loading screen. The background music continues to play, but the text and blue bar don't progress.
  5. Hi, When you say an update has been sent to the Marketplace. Can you please elaborate? Thanks.
  6. In my OP I've already stated that I've done a complete fresh install of MSFS and placed the Landmarks London City Pack into the Community folder with no other addons. This didn't fix the issue.
  7. After purchasing the add-on I really don't expect to be looking through files and folders to fix broken content. How do I stand in terms of a refund?
  8. Hello, There appears to be an issue with the Landmarks London City Pack for MSFS. Each time I install this pack to the Community folder, the loading screen (after clicking on the 'Fly' button) will freeze. The blue bars and the loading screen text will stop moving. I've left the Simulator on this screen for almost an hour. Nothing loads. If I remove the Landmarks London City Pack. The loading screen issue is no longer a problem. I will like to point out the steps I've tried in order to resolve this issue. A complete reinstall of MSFS. Removing all other content from the Community folder. Running MSFS as administrator. Changing/lowering the graphic settings within MSFS. All drivers are updated. The Landmarks London City Pack installed from the Orbx Client OR though the MSFS Marketplace. Not both at the same time. My PC spec CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 AM4 (not OC) GPU - GTX 970. Yes its an older card but runs MSFS just fine. RAM - 16GB DDR4 RAM 3200MHz. OS - Windows 10 Home. All updates installed. Thanks
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