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  1. Oh yes! Been waiting for this! Looking awesome! I hope it sells well so you will do the UK South after this!
  2. Nice! Was hoping for some US airport's next and this looks great! It includes everything I'm looking for in terms of features!
  3. Oh darn, for some reason I thought it would go on until end of March, oh well!
  4. Much appreciated update, thanks! So much great stuff in the pipeline! Personally Arlanda, Oslo and GB North for MSFS are what I look most forward to! With that said, the US airport's, such as Boise and also Melbourne is definitely on the list! ..then I see some of those screenshots and realize I will get most of the airports! Panama and GB North (I assume this is the same concept as the UK region central?) were mentioned, but are there plans to continue releasing more landmark packs going forward?
  5. Absolutely love your work @pyreegue! That roadmap is looking really exciting, Belfast and Aberdeen are great picks! There are lot of smaller airport's in Scotland, such as Stornoway Airport, that would be great, but might be too small ones for you. While there is a Dublin airport already, it's not so good, so would love to see a worthy version!
  6. Wasn't expecting Visby this soon! Lovely addition to an already great package. Completed my first Bromma - Visby flight today and enjoyed it greatly! Seems we even got the Visby city wall
  7. Looks amazing! Your previous airport's are masterpieces, Edinburgh is outstanding (loved the addition of people)! Looking greatly forward to Glasgow, hopefully Orbx will release the Scottish region there about too! Keep up the good work!
  8. Thanks, reckon the decisions taken makes sense given your explanation, so all good! Doesn't take away anything as for being a fantastic airport! Enjoy your weekend too!
  9. Thank you for responding, that is much appreciated! I always feel bad about bringing up negatives (in my opinion), as the package is fantastic and I really love the airport and POI (that approach is my favourite one now in MSFS), so please see it as nitpicking rather than anything major and I understand the time/cost investment factor in it. So if you would ever return to do some interior or such then I hope there is a way to contribute (donate) to such an effort. I think the package as it is for the price is really filled with high-quality content and the the choice to add POI before other stuff was clearly the right one! As for the textures, I'm personally perfectly fine with the asphalt textures, the runway as an example looks good in my mind. What I refer to are these kind of "blurry" patches of ground textures, which might be the ones you referred to as being a limitation in MSFS (by light/taxi sign) Road outside the terminal Or this little area Thanks once again and keep up the good work!
  10. Thank you @Marcus Nybergfor a fantastic airport and scenery! Have been looking forward to the release a lot and it did not disappoint! + The airport feels full of life thanks to the attention to details, I really love how immersive it is. This is an aspect some devs miss, but you nailed it! + Texturing and modelling is excellent, really high quality through-out + Runway looked good, signs, runway + taxiway lighting etc was nice + Surroundings and approach is also very detailed, a lot to explore and enjoy! Spent lot of time just looking at things around the airport. + All the POI's really make a huge difference to Stockholm, they are also of great quality. Really enjoyed the selection of them! Only downside it puts rest of the auto-generated buildings to shame + Great value for money, I felt like I got a lot of the price! (with Visby Airport to come as well) - ..but I could have paid more to get the interior of the terminal + tower - Which would also have improved the terminal night lighting, the front of the terminal looks better though - Some ground textures were not so good compared to the rest of the airport I also spotted a auto-generated church clipping through I think it was Katarina Church on Södermalm. Overall, I would give it 9/10 and a definitely a recommendation to buy it, I couldn't be without this addition to MSFS. Keep up the good work!
  11. Another fantastic airport from @pyreegue! Love the details, really one of the best airport's out there! I enjoy just spending lot of time looking around the airport, including the amazing interior. Makes you wanna fly to and from Edinburgh a lot. The only improvement I could think of is adding passengers, especially by the gates, so when you pull up to the gate you see people inside the terminal. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your upcoming airport's!
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