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  1. @Ed Correia Understood that licence transfers won't be available. But if I may, Orbx Central is beginning to look very bloated under the Store tab, yet MSFS has only been out for little over a year. I honestly dread to think what it would look like after another year (and more). There are many sceneries that I have purchased through Orbx and there are plenty that I have purchased elsewhere (e.g. the recent Aerosoft additions which I owned long before the Orbx/Aerosoft partnership and all the above mentioned JetStream Design sceneries). Frankly, if I have purchased elsewhere (and transfers aren't possible) these are purely clutter in the store presented to me as I'm not going to repurchase the exact same item. To this point, would it be possible to mark a scenery as owned elsewhere; whether that be automatic by the app (as other scenery stores already do) or a manual toggle that the user can tag it with. And with regards to the amassing clutter, can we please get filters under each Region group; possible filters could be: Installed, Owned (Orbx), Owned (Other marketplace), Unowned, Wishlist, On Sale. I am not exaggerating in saying that I'm beginning to find it a chore to look through the Store tab for new items; so I do hope you take this into consideration. Many thanks, Ashleigh
  2. This screenshot is taken from Google Earth and shows the area including CIS Tower and Angel Gardens tower (both currently included in GB Central) and the One Angel Square building also as I mentioned in the previous post
  3. In flying around Manchester, UK to take a look at the GB Central pack, I've noticed that the CIS Tower has been duplicated. Image with the GB Central pack installed, can see that one of the buildings is in the correct location (the one on the left of the image) and there is a duplicate further to the right which has also been placed atop the road. To test out, I went back and removed the GB Central pack. The below image is with only WU3 enabled of which does not include the buildings at all, suggesting that the duplication is from within the GB Central pack. I do not have any other scenery packs installed, so I know that it can't be from anything else. Looking at the Discover page on Orbx Central, should this be the Angel Street asset and has just been incorrectly attributed? Also, whilst on topic of this area any chance that One Angel Square could be modelled in future updates (the triangular shaped Co-operative headquarters)? It's quite the dominant and striking building in this area alongside its sister building, the CIS Tower. Many Thanks
  4. The user guide available on the webshop (Vessels Global Shipping - Orbx (orbxdirect.com) ) says to set boat traffic to between 60% and 100% to properly enable See the General Options below. Under traffic you can adjust the relevant boat sliders. I don't have the Seafront Simulations assets so cannot confirm a good traffic percentage though
  5. That's great to hear! Thanks for confirming. Looks like I chose a good week to take some annual leave then
  6. On the 2021 Roadmap, Scotland and North England (alongside Canary Islands) were both named as areas to be released as "Regions". Going by the naming convention of this announcement, I think it's safe to say that Scotland will be the "EU GB North" release sometime later this year.
  7. I was thinking along these lines originally too as when you right-click the shortcut folder inside "Community", yes you see a size and size on disk. But as Nick says, this shortcut link is just a way for the OS to believe the files live inside that folder when they don't. If you went one folder up and checked the folder size of "Community" you'll realise that all the shortcut folders inside aren't actually counted in the size or size on disk. Case in point, my "Community" folder is 32.6GB, yet my installed Orbx Library is 106GB. All my Orbx Library can be accessed in Community via the shortcut folders
  8. Excited for this! Been looking forward to it since it was first mentioned on your roadmap. Looking on the Google POI map, I see that a couple of POIs that are included also appear in some airport sceneries, like Runcorn Bridge that is in Digital Design's EGGP. Will this new add on overwrite that, so only this new addon is shown? Otherwise, how to remove it from Digital Design's scenery while keeping the airport itself?
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