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  1. @Seanmo .... only thing I could see possibly getting in the way is memory on the Xbox Series X and S limitations. Memory could be tight, even with optimizations, which I could see causing problems, yet I think they can get them to work as New York has to be absolutely huge for a data set, so if they can fit that one in memory and be able to fly in it, I would think these other city sets would work as well (yet not necessarily guaranteed, yet I suspect likely). @ftxpolo Thanks....and sort of. Technically, the Series X is a PC, so it shouldn't take too many optimizations...so the PC version should technically work on the Series X w/o any optimizations, yet optimizations should make it even better. I was hoping to have all of these today, as I would buy all of them now. Every city and landmark pack...I would buy immediately if they were all available right now.
  2. Looks like all the enhanced city packs are PC-only, and none work on the Xbox Series X?? Will the city packs work, even though they say "PC-Only"??
  3. So far....none of the scenery packs work on the Xbox. All of them are PC Only. Definitely need some kind of explanation. Orbx, the city scenery packs only run on PC's, not Xbox's???????
  4. I am thinking of purchasing multiple Orbx city scenery packs for MSFS on my Xbox Series X. Anyway, the question I have is will the current scenery packs be able to take advantage of the performance improvements in SU5/Xbox Series X version of the simulator? For instance, if I buy the Sydney pack, will it run fine on the Xbox Series X performance-wise, or will the Sim start stuttering on an Xbox Series X with the scenery packs? TIA
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