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  1. This week i drove with my bike in Frankfurt and make some pictures on the river Main. Today I "drohne" with my sim at the same places. Hope you like it.
  2. Got the same problem first, then I installed the XBOX (Beta) App from ms-store, then it works and download the rest.
  3. Hi, by the time I where in Jadranovo, but Corona don´t let me. Thanks for the scenery. I made one real last year and one in P3D
  4. Hi, buyed my first PC, an IBM-XT used, for nearly 1000€ (2000 Deutsch-Mark) in 1986. But my wife hate this thing, which I need a lot of time to understand how it works. First virus was the MS 3.0 which I fly all the time. Leaving my wife some years later, first thing was to buy a new AMD 486-66 DX in 1994. And, of cours, the new FS 5.1 Here a picture with my oldest Son. PS. The speaker are working in my garage today
  5. Sorry to read this, but it is, as it is. For me ist also the end, but not for the quality, its because my PC is to old for the last projects. And the new PC is comming when the specs from FS2020 ist out and verifyd. Open LC hase make sense for me, TrueEarth not.
  6. For that reason, i take for all inlets a filterfleece which can be clean easely without demount the pc
  7. I had no car, but a other dilemma what to use 5 running bikes and one for spareparts one yamaha FJR 1300, Suzuki GSX 1250 and 4 Kawasaki LTD 500
  8. I don´t think that I change a setting for PS2-it works only
  9. ORBX Freeware and Payware Combined - https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&hl=de&usp=sharing I use this one
  10. Hi, I use a 3770K at 4.8 GhZ for more then 6 years-works perfekt. I have a Asus Pro Z77 and made the changes first in the ASUS-Software for testing before I made changes in BIOS. I use also a old Keyboard with a PS2 connector to change things in the BIOS.
  11. Who said this ? I like to fly IFR in the big ORBX-Areas, and I got them all. What looks good in VFR, looks fantastic in 20000 feet Little Airports, thats what I don´t need of course. So I also look foreward for the landclasses VISA is ready
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