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  1. Well done and congratulations Jackbus. Ydelta as Joe Dygan mention "you're definitely a gentleman.
  2. Very nice Jack, Homer is about a six hour drive for me from Anchorage, a very beautiful drive.
  3. Just want to thank you all and Orbx for the great contest and prize, also congrats to HeKa48. Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.
  4. Mine for July, Orbx NA SAK east of Cooper Landing, Kenai Peninsula. Repaint by jankeens. Best of luck to everyone.
  5. All are great screenshots John but number 3 really caught my eye, well done.
  6. Here's mine for June, Global open LC North America and Orbx NA Northern Rockies. Good luck all.
  7. Super set of screenshots zinj, right on the mark.
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