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  1. Please simply attach your screenshot (jpg format) to your post and do not attach any exe files.
  2. You can create the library for the installation of new products, but you must not migrate products installed under FTXCentral to the new library. But for the moment and if you do not want to change anything, do not install Orbx Central and stay with FTXCentralv3 untill all issues are sorted out.
  3. Yes it does otherwise you will have conflicts with sceneries from other devs.
  4. I have to correct myself regarding the configuartion tool I talked above. It is not made by Sascha Normann, but by 29Palms. I mixed them up. Sorry for this.
  5. This is IMHO not really a problem. When you only have addons that support the add-on.xml method (what is vry unlikely), then put the insertion point simply above the first default scenery entry. BUt anyway, as written above, make sure that you run FTXC as Administrator by clicking the checkbox on the Compatibility tab in the file properties of the orbx central.exe and run it again.
  6. Thats exactly the software they licensed from Sascha Norman. Dont think so, as Orbx delivers software that covers certain areas up to a certain level of detail. As soon as you have another addon going beyond the Orbx level you will run into conflicts and that got nothing to do with "Orbx Central Logic"
  7. Overlapping landclass, objects, airport layout etc. Sascha Norman is very experienced regarding this and included a great piece of software ("troubleshooter") in the configurator for his products, that detects conflicts with Orbx files and solves them automatically. He is licensing this software to other devs.
  8. Thx, Nick this answers my question. I thought that the migration move files from the existing installation on my PC simply to the new location. For example those files: Something like this (manually renaming) needs always to be done when you install an scenery addon in an area that is covered by Orbx. Here an example from the compatibilty forum: This changes need to be done manually and are all gone when you do a migration. And there are a lot of those changes. So for me it is now quite clear, that I will not migrate anything. I regret this, as I was very happy to hear that I'm now able to move all Orbx stuff out of the P3D mainfolder.
  9. TBH, but I disagree with you here. The renaming (setting files to .inactive) is done by the AEC Tool. But to get conmpatibility with other addons you have also to deactivate other files within Vector and not only AEC files. And this has to be done manually. Simply look at the compatibilty forum. And this also applies to files completely outside Vector. So best is to answer my simple question: Will all the orbx files simply moved to the new location as they are or is it kind of fresh install?
  10. Yes, but I guess this applies only to settings I made in the control panel and not to files I set manually off like shown above. Also it does not covering anything outside Vector. So the simply questions is: are the files moved to the new location as they are, or are they kind of fresh downloaded and installed, so that all renaming of files is gone.
  11. Thx Nick, but what do you mean with profile? Just to make sure you understand what I mean. I'm talking about those kind of files:
  12. In the past you had to manually deactivate some files to get compatibility between Orbx products and other addon. This had to be done mainly with Vector, but also other Orbx products like openLC and/or regions. Lets talk about Vector for example: i had several files set to off manually. When I now start the migration, will all the files in the old Vector folders simply be moved to my new library or is it more like a fresh install where I have to deactivate those various files again. Same question applies to the other Orbx products where you manually set files to off. In case I have to deactive those files again, it will be a massive task to find all those manually edited files and edit them once again in their new location.
  13. First thing what I do after installing such software is to tick the according checkbox in the file properties.
  14. Interesting finding: I had now opeend FTXC4 multiple times, each time opening the dropdown box for the insertion point and clicking on the addon under which the FTX entries should sit and suddenly I got this message: This green bar didnt come up before. Now all sceneries are sorted correctly, but definitely something that needs to be looked at.
  15. Same here I just installed FTXC4 without migrating anyting, but altough I used the same insertion point as in old FTXC3, now all entries are spread allover the library. I'm not pleased. So fix this ASAP!
  16. And EDDB is the only Aerosoft Airport offering this. And the reason is that the layout of the new airport had been finished at the time when the addon was released (release date was short before the planned opening of the airport). But I'm sure, when the real airport will be opened (if at all ), the addon will be outdated. And when the old part is closed (whenever ) it will be totally outdated. And finally, the option in EDDB effects only the used rwys, nothing else. Rendition of the airport is in both options the same.
  17. Ok, under these circumstances I agree with you, and it is/was simply bad luck that they stopped the work at the airport, especially since neither you could know that, nor when they will start again and finish it (if at all).
  18. That happens, when a dev thinks he is doing something good, when making an aiport how it might look in the future. While I appreciate your effort, I would never do so. Always release an airport in its current state and maybe deliver an update, when major construction work has been finished, otherwise you will end up with something like this. Think about the new Berlin airport.
  19. OK, tested the other files, and they solved this issue, at least for me.
  20. Matteo, while I second in general what you say regarding those shader tweaks, I think this is not the problem in this case. I dont use and have never used such tweaks, but Im also sseing this issue. I'll give the files you've posted a try later to see if it mproves anything.
  21. I also used this setting and still had no problem with the fuel truck. So I'm also wondering what's the reason for his problem.
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