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  1. thanks mate! have a great day
  2. G'day everyone! My name is Brock you can call me tommo:) and i am living on thursday island and i was wondering of anybody could create a hospital scenery for me? i live really close to YXTI (thursday island hospital) and i would love to fly there in p3d! i can take as many photos as you need im only 15 so i dont have much money
  3. hey mate i LOVE this repaint and i was wondering if you could paint a QGAir AW139 for the icaro model thanks
  4. Hey mate are there any hospitals included like RBWH or Queensland childrens hospital??
  5. hey everyone has anybody got any Queensland government rescue repaints (QGAIR,EMQ,Queensland rescue) that would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  6. Hey Mate Great shots! Look i was wondering what b200 you are using and if you could pease link the repaint
  7. may you add the hospital link?
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