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  1. @Sentry11 I'd appreciate if you could do it. I prefer choppers and I love to fly along LA coastline and this little mess...
  2. @Sentry11 many thanks for your help! @Jon Clarke I've done this verification twice. Moreover when I run SoCal on 2nd PC I see the same(the files are also verified by Orbx application). Both PCs tried OpenGL or Vulkan rendering engine - the same, World objects set to max: please check the attached screenshot. A lot of objects around arrears but this mesh failure stays the same, If this is an installation error why this error appears on independent PCs with independent installations?
  3. Hi Jon, Appreciate your advise about XO, I will consider this making a back-up of scenery_pack.ini As for this file I used your prepared .ini, many thanks for it! But the picture looks the same way, here is where this artefact appear. It's about 2NM to South from KLAX I don't know what to do more. BR George
  4. Hi Jon, I'm not sure I correct explain my issue, 1. 1st(main) part of my problem is not correct mesh appearing in SoCal. With your help I see that this was caused by wrong layering of scenery in scenery_pack.ini file. And I would be more than appreciated if you could help me to arrange these lines, or point where is(are) the problem area(s) in layering. I can keep the copy of this file(stored in save place) as reference of what I can use in /Custom scenery/ folder being sure that it's 100% right. And I kindly please your assistance here. 2. The second one is to realize what app can change this file to forbid this activity. You're telling me that it's xOrganizer, but this app is not in RAM visible in Task Manager. And I think it's not running until I press .exe. and after I quit it. It's even not be able to be installed - all I can so is just copy folder and run .exe. I can completely delete this folder and scenery_pack.ini is still being changed. That's why I ask how this app can change something in this .ini file? Thanks for your help! BR George
  5. Ok Jon, I'll check is it the last version or not. But you're saying that xOrganizer is responsible for DD addons? How? Please note that not only "DD lines" are mixed up after start and quit XP every time, BR George
  6. Yes I use v2.4 which I believe the latest one, >>The scenery_packs.ini you have attached is completely wrongly layered.. That's the problem Jon, I can not manage it in right way. Each time(after my correction) this file has been changed when I quit XP. Please check how can I use xOrganizer for correct layering? BR George
  7. Hi, 1. I've upgraded my PC and and then installed my products via Orbx Central app. All was fine but I see some coastal mesh conflict(photos). Tried to "Verify files" in Orbx - same thing. It was not appearing in my old PC configuration. And I believe this conflict is not unique in SoCal in my current config. Friends who also own SoCal confirmed me that this is not normal. 2. Another strange thing I faced here is crossing this topic scenery_packs keeps being messed up which is still active, The file sceney_pack.ini is changed every time I run XP (attached version is after I quit XP). And changes is not alphabetical. For example: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/DD Washington XP Layer1 SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/DD Washington XP Layer2 Are mixed up sometimes(Layer 2 is much higher than Layer 1) and I'm not sure they accept this order. Most funny thing is that checking the box "Enable Automatic Layering" in Configuration of Orbx app it seems doesn't have any action: even if this box is unchecked I see changed lines order in sceney_pack.ini and scenery_pack.ini-Orbx-backup addition file. How can I completely forbid these changes to Orbx app? BR George Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  8. Hello Tony, Many thanks for update. I'm really glad that this work is still alive! Hope on your final success, BR George
  9. Hello @Tony Wroblewskiand Orbx team! I'm anticipated with future updates with NoCal: Alcatraz and possible SF bridges with traffic, I'm sure you have got a lot or work besides this but just a little hint about forecastable changes that might be happen? I was extremely excited for me to see these photos of your current work below. Please check when do you estimate this update to happen? Many thanks and good luck yo all of you! BR George
  10. @Sentry11 I appreciate your help with checking! Just thought it's kinda weird when I saw these trees. I supposed my KSEA scenery can not be loaded correctly) BR George
  11. @Jon Clarke Many thanks for your help. But when I use your modified file the pictures stays the same. @Sentry11 yes! It's RWY 34R. Is it normal to have the tree so close to runway? BR George
  12. Hello, Just noted the trees at the border of runaway and I don't think it's normal. Could you please help me? scenery_packs.ini file is attached, Thanks, BR George scenery_packs.ini
  13. @Sentry11 Many thanks for your great help, I appreciate it! Now it works properly. Actually I leave this box unchecked as some (new) sceneries require this for the correct work. BR George
  14. @Sentry11 Sure! All files are here, BR George scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  15. Hello! @Ed Correia @Tony Wroblewski Many thanks for your detailed info and updates. New Alcatraz looks just amazing and I look forward to see it it in new NoCal, Great job is in progress, just keep going to make a brilliant in SF Bay! As for bridges @Ed Correiathe current ones have the completely new model: yes but could you please explain me we they still couldn't have a traffic? The limitations of distance Tony W. said about was not exceeded (each less than 10 km), so the plugin could handle that. Besides traffic on both bridges could differ from other areas on the ground approaching to the bridge (I guess MisterX plugin have this plugin). In any case for the people approaching these bridges by helicopter (or plane with low attitude) is important to see the life on there I think, BR George
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