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  1. I must say am absolutely loving the XP 11 TrueEarth GB South/central sceneries and eagerly looking forward to the north to finish off GB. 

    I understand John saying 'The majority of new content we're working on now is for Prepar3D. This is still the dominant platform'  But I also realise that XP 11 has now got its foot well and truly in the ORBX door, so will look forward  and continue to support/purchase as many XP11 orbx add-ons as i can to encourage further development in this direction. 

    I think the way forward with any of these sims is definitely the 'True Earth-ortho-orbx' combination, the extra realism from these photo sceneries with the magical touch from ORBX is the real icing on the simulation cake.  So a BIG thank you from me to a great company,  here's looking forward to many more years of flight sim ORBX heaven!

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  2. Truly great quality and attention to detail Iain, i was already blown away by True Earth South and after installing True Earth Central i was equally amazed at the same level and feel of realism with accurate details and placement of objects.  I live in Cheshire and was very pleasantly surprised even to find both Beeston castle and its neighbouring Peckforton castle both fairly unknown and isolated castles, yet they are accurately rendered in the correct settings with this software.

    Flying around Cheshire you can see all the major landmarks, I could see jodrell bank radio telescope, the accurate buildings in Manchester, the bridges at Runcorn near Liverpool and all the its city centre buildings, the level of immersion is just breathtaking.  Then onto Blackpool and wow, once again, accurately placed and detailed buildings all over the place!

      The whole of this True earth project by orbx has created for X plane 11 has created for me anyway, a truly hyper realistic flight sim of the UK and what i have dreamt of since i first installed Microsoft FS version 5.  So i look forward to True Earth North and hopefully Orbx will continue with other countries, a big thank you and well done to all the team at Orbx!  Awesome work and skills guys!

  3. Hi all, I just have to say what a truly amazing product true earth Great Britain is for xplane 11.  Ive never spent so much time VFR flying, its simply stunning, seriously, so much attention to detail has gone into this release its completely blown me away. I cant wait for the other releases, ORBX and its team all deserve a HUGE pat on the back for delivering what is without a doubt the best add on for x plane 11 out there!

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