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  1. ”Releasing next friday”! Omg omg omg omg yes yes yes yes! .. me realizing I won’t be home next weekend..
  2. The dome is a radar tower for civil and military aviation, both for Bromma and Arlanda. It’s called ”Bällsta radartorn” but typically we just call it ”the golfball”.
  3. I want to place an uno reverse card and flip the thanks to you! All the hard work that has gone into this airport can not be described with words. To see my home airport in msfs was one of my highest wishes before this project was announced. Now a dream come true. The release is now close, and I can't wait (probably my most used phrase by now) to get this airport in my sim. Price doesn't matter. Shut up and take my money. Med andra ord Marcus, stort tack! /KaptenPanna
  4. I can’t belive I don’t check this thread more often. Honestly, I’m lost for words, Seriously! First of all, stunning work. To actually be able to see my house in the screenshot on the approach 30 (Thank god you modelled Tranebergsbron) is unreal. I feel like a kid approaching christmas! I can smell the release Now, to the point that @carlosmax50 made. He has a good point about stand 18. Although I’m not in the age of working at Bromma, I have a radio, FlightRadar24 and too much free time. In other words: I think I know the airport pretty well. For me as a controller on vatsim I really want to simulate realism and if a Brussels Airlines aircraft comes for a visit, I want to send them to stand 18. Also, by no means am I saying your product is bad, but just giving constructive feedback. You know how we flightsimmers are Finishing off, I honestly can’t wait to both fly to Bromma and sit in the tower on vatsim. Du är bäst! /KaptenPanna
  5. Glad to hear from you Marcus! Everyone needs time off sometimes, so it’s just good that you took a break to not completely burn out. As said in almost every post of mine, I’m still super excited to see this project and looking forward to the release! Den som väntar på något gott väntar aldrig för länge
  6. Yes! Looking forward to when the ATR releases for msfs, hopefully it’s good quality so we can do some domestic hops!
  7. Of course real life goes before a flightsim! Take your time, good choice to wait for the WU imo and hope that you feel better soon! KaptenPanna
  8. Just got the news today that the Ericsson Globe is changing name to Avicii Arena as a tribute for when he sadly passed away . So just a reminder to change the POI name in the scenery (Because I highly doubt that Asobo will do it ) Also, I can smell the release so it can't be long at all now! I know I have said it already but it just looks insane. I am seriously speechless. Can't wait to have it in my library <3 KaptenPanna
  9. Totally agree with you. The handcrafted airports are like sure it's good for those who don't invest much in payware sceneries but if "hardcore simmers" got a chance to buy a payware scenery, they would 100% do it. Can't imagine Arlanda with default gray jetways and overall low quality. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would buy Orbx Arlanda even after the world update.
  10. Wow! Even more screenshots, this is coming together really nicely! Can't be long until release now, it's gonna be so nice! Also more traffic to Bromma on VATSIM so I can sit tower there
  11. In real life the Brussels Airline's A319 flies here so the A320 would definetly be able to land here. Although the A320 has an MTOW (or something like that) that exceeds the max allowed at Bromma so it's not allowed to land here, but in an emergency even bigger planes would be able to land here.
  12. WAIT... How come I haven’t heard about this post until just now!?! I think I’m insane or something.
  13. This looks amazing! Glad to see even more screenshots of the airport too now! Can’t wait until it releases!
  14. Wow! Even though it’s WIP it has still come a long way! That looks insane and looking forward really much the release. Thanks for the screenshots and keep up the amazing work!
  15. Definetly depends on what place, but that one near the airport gets a 10/10 cause you can planespot there
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