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  1. The release notes for World Update III advise to uninstall Orbx Landmarks London City Pack as it is not compatible with the UK update. Is there any comment from Orbx on this? What is the future for the City Pack?
  2. Does a product purchased through the Microsoft Store get added to the Orbx account? As you can see from the images, London City Pack appears as a product available for download from the Orbx account as well as the Microsoft Store.
  3. If you purchase through the Microsoft Store will the product also show up in Orbx Central? It is possible I bought it through Microsoft Store because I have a few purchases there, but in tracking them you don't get details of the item, only that you purchased x points. My account with Orbx shows 7 purchases including the London Pack and the ability to install it from there. I don't think I purchased it twice (hopefully). Does the Microsoft Store purchase get added to the Orbx account or do you think that I have in fact bought this twice?
  4. My links are all working. I have attached 2 images. The first image is what I get when the London Landmarks are NOT linked. The second is what I get when I link Landmarks London City Pack. All other scenery packs behave as expected and I don't get this duplicated entry. For some reason Flight Simulator thinks the London City Pack belongs in it's content. I have never installed the package there and there is no reason for it to be showing up here. Is there a config file, registry entry or some other point that can be edited to remove this conflict? This was not caused by me installing to the sim and then changing my mind or anything like that, so it is not something that I have done or not done that caused this. As stated, all other scenery packs do not give this error.
  5. I have 7 Orbx products all installed to my library outside MSFS. I use MSFS Addons Linker to create symbolic links when needed. However, when I look in Content Manager 'Landmarks London City Pack' is listed as NOT INSTALLED, download available. This should not be listed here at all and I don't seem to have a way of removing it. Any ideas?
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