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  1. The EGLC Orbx scenery seems to miss ground services such as ramps and push back services. Are there any plans to address this? Thanks! Original topic in possible wrong section: No boarding gate, ramp or stairs in EGLC MSFS 2020? - Microsoft Flight Simulator discussion - no support requests please - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  2. As the title mentions, the taxiway at the end of the runway has lots of gaps between the ground and the wall through which you can see the pillars and water. Also, there seem to be missing ground services at the ramps (i.e. no pushback & stairs). Would appreciate and update for MSFS, thanks!
  3. Depends on what you look at VTOLVR, AEROfly do have that
  4. Very nice read! So far your prediction about the future is going well, headsets are getting better. 90FPS is the norm for VR, and MSFS is a stream / on-demand sim. Curious which checkmark can be checked next!
  5. I did a check just now with the default asobo module turned off, and indeed no bumb and no low riding cars.. seems to have done the trick. Thanks @Nick Cooper
  6. I'll give it a try and let you know, would have hoped with such an integrated marketplace that this is already taken care off with some logic. Maybe something for asobo to improve in the future.
  7. Yesterday I took off from LOWI after just having bought & installed it through the marketplace. Unfortunately halfway I got launched in the air through a speed bump, luckily i was at VR so I managed to keep it in the air. Also noticed that some vehicles where below the surface, so maybe a layering issue? Someone else who also experiences this?
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