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  1. Ok! I was able to fix the issue at LOWI with this thread: Just still having the issue with the EGGD by Pilot Plus. I have been advised to contact them (which I have) and hope to have that solved too.
  2. Cheers for the response but they don't seem to have come to a solution as of yet. If its a P3D issue, thats odd as most of my other sceneries are completely fine.
  3. So what do I do other than wait here and hope someone can help me lol?
  4. Thanks, Ill reach out to them. Who created LOWI? I'm having the same issue there
  5. Yes, I do see the same when its a departure airport, but when I land at it from any other airport (which is far away enough not to have it loaded in) the dynamic lighting disappears
  6. ...Does anyone know how to solve this or help me? This seems to be the only place I can receive support on the products I own and I haven't received a single response. I get that ye're all busy with the holidays but its quite irritating to be ignored while other threads get created and responded to within hours and I've been waiting for days.
  7. Just landed in LOWI and I have the same issue there too now
  8. So, basically, I have just done a flight from LOWI-EGGD (both Orbx). I was disappointed apon arrival as the dynamic lights didn't appear when I arrived. I've bought both airports within the week so I'm just wondering if I've botched up an installation or something. I have checked that the dynamic lights and scenery worked before the flight (which they did)
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