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  1. I'm extremely glad to hear that you and your family are safe Viacheslav, and it's great to hear that things have settled down enough for you to continue development. While I know that making airports is not a priority right now, it's also a way to help and support yourself and your family, so It makes me happy to see you resume your work, and I really hope you'll soon be able to do it in a peaceful country.
  2. I really hope this ends soon, and that you'll soon be able to resume the work you love (and we love) in a peaceful and free country. I pray that you're safe and that you'll stay safe.
  3. Viacheslav & team, I really hope you're safe. My thoughts are with you.
  4. Likely because they'd sell a lot less. I'm all for exploration, but Orbx's a business, and they have to pay the modelers and artists that work on these airports. It makes sense that, while the simulator is young, they focus on airports that lot of people want. When the platform will be more mature and the more traveled locations are covered, there will likely be more demand for less-known ones.
  5. That's totally understandable. If it makes you feel better, someone's finally doing Mumbai, so that may accelerate sales there, since the city scenery is great and deserves to be explored. That being said, I wouldn't call Yokohama out of context. Its skyline is basically under many of the main departures and arrivals of Tokyo Haneda, which is one of the busiest airports in the country, and similarly to Singapore or Frankfurt, you fly there at very low altitude even on airliners. I'd say it's more "in context" than most other cities. Haneda doesn't have third-party scenery but it's well-traveled because it's one of the hand-made airports in the sims and has a big freeware improvement package that brings it almost up there with payware level. Chofu airport on the other side, may be smaller and general-aviation dedicated, but it does have payware scenery and you approach directly over Yokohama. If you'd like more info lemme know (you know where to find me :D) and I'll provide.
  6. Really exciting roadmap, Anna. I've got a question out of interest. Last year, ya'll announced a Yokohama city landmarks pack. Is that still coming or canceled? Thanks!
  7. I really wish you guys tried your hand at some airports in Japan. At the moment, there are many missing and your quality would definitely do them justice, and from what I hear from the few other devs working on the country, they sell very, very well.
  8. Happens here as well. No other scenery nearby, deleted rolling cache and all that jazz. All other airports work with no problems. I actually managed to get past the freeze on the fly button once, but it freezed after 5 minutes of panning the camera around to look at the really nice new scenery
  9. This is really lovely, but why all the JPG images that actually are not JPG but PNG with the wrong extension? They tend to be hard on mobile bandwidth for no real gain. It happens quite often on this forum and at time even on your shop.
  10. Funny story. Fukuoka airport in Japan is also in the middle of a residential area. Only, instead of listening to the people bitching about it and closing it, they're adding a second runway
  11. Airport interiors are quite a treat for those who enjoy doing all the procedures at the gate. If you have to spend an hour parked, may as well do it in a nice environment. Opaque windows are not exactly fetching, and parallax shaders can look very weird from many angles, so modeled interiors definitely are a good idea if there's performance overhead.
  12. It's not standard. It happens only if the developers set their aircraft as air traffic enabled with isAirTraffic=1 in the aircraft.cfg file. The reason why you likely don't see Jabirus' everywhere anymore is because the developer set it back to isAirTraffic=0 in the latest update after receiving the same feedback. It should always be set to 0 for flyable high-poly models, because they have a high impact on performance anyway, especially when multiple spawn to sit on the tarmac. 1 should be reserved to low-poly models made especially for air traffic, if the developer wants to make one. Whenever the user sets the ground aircraft slider higher than zero, the simulator will pick randomly among all their owned aircraft that have isAirTraffic=1, which is what leads to the invasion of high-poly third-party aircraft. This can be avoided simply by the development good practice of having isAirTraffic=0 as default. Even better practice, would be having a dedicated low-poly model exclusively for air traffic, but I guess the Optica is so rare that it wouldn't be worth the hassle (it'd be nice for multiplayer tho).
  13. It'd be likely a good idea to have this by default, since any update to the Optica will make it eligible to flood the parkings again
  14. For the record, they mentioned on their discord that this one won't release on Orbx (or at least, they have no plans for it for now).
  15. I wouldn't honestly lose hope for ESSA. If the free version is any comparable to free airports released until now, I think there will be plenty of room for a high-quality payware rendition by a reputable developer in the market, especially for the main international airport of a major European capital. I know I'd buy it. Truth is that (with all due respect to Gaya), the free airports included in world updates are rather low quality, close to many freeware ones. For example, I was very excited for Nice, and was disappointed by it, pretty much like all other airports included in the world updates. It has many flaws, default jetways, low-quality ground textures, operational issues, and more, so it's likely that they're given a relatively small budget and constraints aplenty and have to stay within those. A dedicated payware developer can do a LOT more, and I believe people will buy it, especially given the size of MSFS's market.
  16. Great shot as usual, but I would really appreciate if these previews included JPG files and not PNG files with a wrong JPG extension. The difference is invisible to the naked eye, and they'd be a lot easier on the bandwidth on mobile
  17. Well, Microsoft had promised to give partners early access, and for the previous sim update they actually did give it to aircraft developers, which is why we believed it'd happen.
  18. Yeah. There definitely are duplicates. Guess Orbx has some work cut out for them. I'm a bit surprised that Microsoft hasn't given them early access so that the package could be ready for launch, but hopefully the process will improve going forward.
  19. This view has been grossly outdated for months. Anyone is free to remain faithful to obsolete products if they so wish, but perpetuating the idea that "MSFS is good for rubber necking" or "just GA fixed wing" today is simply disingenuous. This is a great roadmap, and fully to be expected given that developers and publishers tend to work with what brings food on the table. The gap will only widen going forward. Again, it's great that people are free to fly on whatever sim they want, and I understand it's difficult to let go of considerable investment in old sims, but no one should expect third-party devs to keep obsolete products relevant when their first-party developers don't.
  20. Could I also perhaps impose on the team to possibly add the London Aquatics Center since you already have London Stadium? It's not that it has any special significance, but whoever did the photogrammetry had the astonishing idea of cutting it literally in half, and let's just say it isn't very fetching.
  21. When I interviewed Microsoft's Jorg Neumann a few days ago, they told me they plan to give addon designers early access to patches. Obviously this one didn't work out, but I'm going to hope in two months when Paris comes out, they'll have ironed out the process. What can I say, I'm an optimist
  22. Considering the delays of the update, I feel like Microsoft simply didn't have a final version of London's photogrammetry to give Orbx something to work with until very recently.
  23. Question only partly off topic. I know you guys are prioritizing work on the most urgent thing, of course: Is the London City airport add-on going to get updated with the new taxiway and extended apron that have just been opened? This may also be warranted because the new update "surfaced" the area covered by the new construction anyway, as you can see below. It would be very, very much appreciated
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