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  1. Hi On a similar note I always choose the rwy with ILS to land on but am always given one with visual only! Richard
  2. ps I do the repair in settings apps modify repair Richard
  3. Hi I have had similar problems and found that repairing Visual C++ redistributable seems to work - no idea why!! I usually repair the latest 3 versions. I thought I would try the fast startup trick mentioned BUT I cannot find the option to turn on and off. Any suggestions?! Richard
  4. Most reviews conclude that your mesh products work better than any others. I am certainly impressed with NZ. So are you doing more? Would love to see South Africa and Austria to start! Thanks Richard
  5. As I have said elsewhere there are some glitches where add on scenery also changes mesh data. I fly in NZ a lot and the new mesh is great. Improved terrain but also everything seems to sit better! Not enough great airport add ons yet but rotorua and napier have no problems. Queenstown does and I gather Milford does as well (not been there yet since the new mesh) Personally I think its great Richard
  6. Bit more research! I had the freeware Queenstown installed. Without it everything is OK. Interestingly both the Queenstown and the superb Milford Sound say they have tried to correct the mesh around about the airport. I am sure this is the problem - there were no issues around Dunedin with another freeware airport, but which hasn't tried to correct the mesh. I will leave a message on the .to website to see if they can release a version with the airport scenery but no mesh changes! A great shame that there is this clash. Richard
  7. I am still investigating but! Some horrible glitches around Queenstown, huge pillars very similar to those seen recently all over but seemingly cleared up with one of the recent updates. Might be a clash with other addon scenery - will let you know. Richard
  8. Just flown into San Jose from the north in a TBM ILS worked fine But Tower did not offer any options such as full stop landing! Was tuned correctly as I could hear occasional messages to other pilots. On landing I was not told off for unauthorised landing. Tuning ground worked as normal, being offered taxi to gate etc. Any ideas? Thanks Richard
  9. Just to let you know, Kelowna does have a .cgl file. I have renamed it and all is well again. What has asobo done this time! Richard
  10. I have just started to have CTDs with same airport - Kelowna. Has been ok a few weeks ago, but today tried to fly there from the south. First time there for at least a couple of weeks. CTD about 5 miles out. I thought it was just one of those things, so tried again with same result. I then discovered that I couldn't even set off from there! I have tried removing all recent additions, payware and freeware. Included KORS as recent update and 11S. Also a couple of NZ addons, and the superb Gatwick freeware which have all been updated recently. None of this has helped, nor has removing the rolling cache. Not sure what else to do. I haven't removed the G3000 mod but wouldn't think that could be involved. Likewise the recent Navigraph update. I will keep looking - but it really bothers me that this airport is obviously causing problems! Any other suggestions? Thanks Richard
  11. Hi Thanks for the photo. They obviously want to make it an exciting approach! As for the cars, several different ones but all very poor quality! Like those on roads when you get too close. I don't see this problem elsewhere in front of airports. Most airport vehicles eg the buses and fuel trucks are reasonable quality. And those you add are also great eg the tractor at zell am see. Default traffic doesn't normally appear on tracks or rough ground. I would have thought you could have suppressed this for this stretch of ground. Thanks Richard
  12. Slightly disappointed in lack of response! Checked against google earth and there is a difference with the tracks and tree line, but this might be outside what you have done. But the cars are definitely your problem! I would guess the scrub next to the taxiway, which might appear as a track, is designated as a road - so default moving cars appear and they are awful close up. I know from your Austrian small airfields that you can do excellent moving vehicles! Richard
  13. Hi I love your small airfields! Two things about this one. Trees at ends of runways make life exciting! Are these there in real life? Secondly some very naff cars drive up and down next to the taxiway. Of course might be something to do with the sim, but please get rid of them or improve them! Richard
  14. One of the most difficult things about msfs is how varied performance is, even when folk appear to have similar equipment. I have both city airport and city scenery and find it pefectly playable. I have also tried the unfocussed window described above and it doesn't make the slightest difference! Richard
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