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  1. Thanks for getting back to me tonight i noticed the same problem at origami Gatwick if the ai tried to use the run up for 26r they dont contact atc or even put there strobes on when entering the runway. Hope ms can find a fix as theres a few nice ai addons coming out and be a shame if the cant work properly. Good luck with your next airport
  2. hi its aig traffic but it does happen with default ai aswel, happens all the time, but when i uninstall your mod the ai works perfect on default glasgow from HOLD SHORT A1,
  3. @pyreegue have you found a way of fixing the ai stopping short and contacting atc before entering runway 23 yet, i did see the atc give a small aircraft to taxi and hold short at B1 and the ai took off perfect but the rest of the ai went to taxi way A1 and never stopped cheers
  4. i would like Teesside international airport egnv as this summer sees a few new airlines in like Ryanair cheers
  5. *very nice scenery but AIG traffic doesnt depart from runway 23 they just sit there, they work on default airport * ramp 14 your aircraft will spawn sideways on the stand
  6. yes the ai problem is fixed, thanks still no ground services at a few gates but i can live with that, once again thank you for fixing the ai
  7. Thank you for the update. i was at gate 7 and there was no ground services apart from external power, i brought this bug up last month but out of 37 paywere airports i own your airport is the only one that the ai will vacate the runway halfway down after atc asks them, thanks
  8. hi just to let you no the ai when landing runway 24 will vacate the runways over the grass as soon as atc tells them to do so,,,
  9. i havent bought the addon yet so went and had a little look at newcastle st james park wasnt showing untill it got close to it, then it loaded in and i started to get flying cars., https://ibb.co/hXHxQPT https://ibb.co/BcmLqGc https://ibb.co/dPNYtWj
  10. your missing stuff from your msfs as in the uk update St James Park was a landmark they addad
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. my brother works at the airport and got me some really good photos lastnight so i will try and update the lighting myself while waiting for an official update thanks
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