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  1. Thanks for the infos! As Sweden-fans my wife and me are longingly waiting for. Regards, Herbert
  2. Same here: [noted] ESGG ILS offset since SU4 - Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxdirect.com) ...and a possible solution. Are the developers working an an update yet? Regards, Herbert
  3. Confirmed and that´s the point I ask myself, does Asobo really work on a bug which occurs only with a third parts add on? Is there a communication between Orbx and Asobo that way at the moment? Offsets I have at Orbx ESGG, ESMS, ENTO, and also ESNU and ESSB from flightsim.to. Here´s ESMS current state together with Orbx.
  4. Not really good news, could be that the devs of the sceneries at least will have to adopt their products. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ils-offset/424299/9
  5. Hi Bobby I´ve just installed Little Navmap and the scenery of MSFS was loaded. It shows no offsets, do I have to do different, loading the add-ons extra or something? I also still wonder, if Asobo will repair a bug, which only shows, when add-ons are installed. Regards, Herbert
  6. Just figured out, ENTO from Orbx also shares the localizer offset issue. Any news from the developers? Thanks and regards, Herbert
  7. Yes let's wait, if Marcus might chime in. MSFS Zendesk closed my ticket but I've read, it means, they've noted it and don't need furrher infos. Regards, Herbert
  8. So I have to make a correction, the issue is a connection of the Orbx sceneries and Navigraph data! Installed Orbx ESMS scenery I have the offset. OBS of the NAV shows a fixed course of 173 degrees, instead of the published 169 degrees. This time I´ve deinstalled the Orbx ESMS and Navigraph Data using the Center, deleted content.xml started MSFS once, reinstalled Navigrapgh Data and the Localizer was fixed at the correct 169 degrees. Did someone ask Marcus Nyberg about the issue yet? Thanks and kind regards, Herbert
  9. Thanks for the report, I've deinstalled the Orbx ESMS but might need to remove/reinstall Navdata afterwards, to gain a difference. Is this a default ASOBO plane? Herbert
  10. I´ve anyway opened up a Zendesk Ticket, Will keep you updated, if I get any infos of them. Regards, Herbert
  11. Just deinstalled Orbx ESMS, same issue using the default scenery. Definitely no problem of Orbx. Was Asobo informed about it? Regards, Herbert
  12. Seems so, thanks for your help, Nick Here´s my todays result, yesterday I´ve tried with FBW A32NX, today CRJ. Regards, Herbert
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