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  1. Well, this was a typical case of 'P3D magic'. I reinstalled one of the airports, and now they all work fine... Case closed.
  2. Hi all, A few days ago I updated P3D to v5.3 HF2 as described in your topic. The update went fine, but there is a strange problem going on with EU England and other payware airports in the UK. Your Southampton airport still works fine, but there is a problem with UK2000's Bristol, Luton, Manchester, Aerosoft's Heathrow and Digital Design's Liverpool airport. I've been using EU England and these airports over a year and never had a problem, so I'm quite puzzled. Disabling EU England in the Orbx configurator makes the airport appear correctly. The problems are similar; the screenshows below speak for themselves. Heathrow (in the Orbx configurator I've unticked Heathrow for compatibility): Bristol: As a possible solution I've removed the following files from the FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery folder, but that didn't solve the problem: I've also put the Orbx products below all other airports in the scenery library (which I hadn't done in earlier versions of P3D), but no joy either. Any possible solution would be highly appreciated. Stefan
  3. Hi, The culprit was Simelite's season manager. When disabling that add-on the trees work fine. Stefan
  4. Hi, I have a question about the winter trees in TerraFlora and Trees HD, which I use both. This morning I did a flight in real time (i.e. winter season) and saw the following: Shouldn't the leaves be gone now? Or does this depend on my TerraFlora/Trees HD settings or is this a correct depiction? Best regards, Stefan
  5. I did a reinstall of P3D v5 HF1 and... it works! Thanks for the support!
  6. Hi Marcus, I think I've found the problem thanks to your comment. I've tried spawning on some airports that I don't have add-on scenery of, and they all have no runway lights. So I think it is safe to say that the default runway lights have been corrupted and I'll have to fix that . Regards, Stefan
  7. Do you have any other idea how this could be fixed? Many thanks!
  8. Hey Nick, Yes, I do, and I've verified the libraries too. Also did the verification for ESSA. Strange huh?
  9. Hi Nick, How can I check that? I just did a reinstall of the Objectflow through Orbx Central, but it makes no difference. I also checked some other Orbx airports (LGKO, YMML and EGHI) and everything works fine there. Regards, Stefan
  10. Hi, Using P3D v5.1 HF1 the approach, runway and taxiway edge lights at Stockholm Arlanda do not show. The taxiway centre lights however do show. Stefan
  11. When going through Orbx Central, I found out that the insertion point for OpenLC was not set to 'below Orbx airports and regions'. Changing that fixed the problem :). Stefan
  12. They are installed and active. Any suggestion as to what I should/could do now?
  13. Hi Nick, All my Orbx products are installed into an Orbx central library, not in the P3D main folder. Can you confirm I should still try to rename that bgl, while the other forum topic mentions that should not be done in this case? Thanks!
  14. Hi Nick, I did the exact procedure again: validated my Orbx Library, Global Base, OpenLC EU and EU England files, renamed my terrain.cfg, ran P3D and therafter the Orbx synchronizer. This is what the sim looks like now: EU England and OpenLC Europa activated EU England deactived, openLC Europe still activated I don't use any other landclass than Orbx's. Stefan
  15. Hi Doug, Thanks for your fast reply! I followed the instructions in the topic, but the problem persists. Stefan
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