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  1. They are aware of the issues and are taking steps necessary to allocate time to create an update.
  2. @Shobhan NandyI have your support ticket and will continue the conversation through there.
  3. I've reach out again to our developers for an update on this issue. Thank you for your continued patience.
  4. Please reach out to the Developer via https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/index.php. I was able to replicate the same results myself. As DD developed the scenery, they can provide additional assistance.
  5. @FlyingFella Thank you for the heads-up about the airport. It's been added to the list.
  6. Thank you for the feedback for the issue purchasing and thank you @Surtur for finding a temporary workaround for this issue. I understand purchasing one at a time is tedious and we definitely don't want it to be difficult to purchase your addons. Our Technical is aware of and is currently researching the issue. I'll let you know once I have more information about the situation. Thank you for your patience.
  7. In celebration of #FlyJuly21, everyone is invited to join developers and content creators for a special live event discussing the future of at-home flight simulation. Featuring video panelists from Orbx, Aerosoft, HeliSimmer.com, Hype Performance Group, Parallel 42, and TFDi Design at 2000 GMT on July 24, 2021 The 90-minute livestream will focus on how the release of MSFS on desktop and console has changed our community, and what the future of home flight simulation looks like. You can watch the live broadcast here: And we’ve invited content creators from across the community to host "watch parties" on their channels. You’ll be able to catch the livestream with Aus Flight Simmer, Captain Bob - Flight Simulation, Chewwy94, FLIGHTSIMGEEKS, Moosestaffa, SimFlightPro, SizzlingPopcorn, and twotonemurphy. Several developers will also be hosting a “simulcast” on their social channels and you can also watch through Flight Simulation Association's website for the event. We hope you'll be able to join us for this special event! Also be sure to check out our Fly-July.com website for great some developer interviews, partner features, sale promotions and much more.
  8. Hey there. @Lionhart27 I understand your frustration in regards to the issue with the delayed updates to the Marketplace. @Gulfstreamtwo had a good analogy relating to this issue. We can provide Microsoft updated code for a patch to London City, but we have no ability to tell them when to publish the update. I don't believe it's a matter of blame as much as it is that MS has their own update processes and unfortunately, sometimes they may delay in a longer period of time for an update than is ideal for customers. I know the Marketplace is a great option to have in Flight Simulator and personally, I'm glad to see it in there for the community. However, if you feel that products are not getting updated in a timely fashion, may I suggest purchasing our scenery through Orbx Central. Once we have created and tested a patch it gets pushed to Orbx Central on a per product basis and next time you load Central, the software will update. We do appreciate our customers and I'm sorry these latest sim updates have resulted in issues that are affecting enjoyment of the simulator and scenery. I'm sure our developers are working on a patch and we'll get it out there as soon as we can.
  9. The issue with Rex validation should be resolved now. They had a server issue which is now resolved.
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