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  1. Much appreciate your work on this frustrating situation. Looking forward to the issue being resolved tonight I hope. Meanwhile thanks for the workaround with the CGL file. Keep up the good work most of us out here thank you.
  2. I am 27 miles out from EGNM with the sim running fine will see if I hit an invisible wall getting into Leeds
  3. But I have no issue before I am only on High anyway. So should be fine.
  4. Ooh maybe its not me then I will hang on with that reinstall of the Sim and 5 hours of boredom
  5. going to try a flight from outside the scenery and fly into the scenery and see what happens.
  6. The only thing I had done was remove my files from the CF thinking a download was imminent for the UK. I put them back in this am and have been having CTD's since. So I just removed them all again from the CF to see if that would help and it still has a CTD during the load screen for EGNM. Arghhh guess this is not Orbx and something I have done but Lord knows what, I will try a few other things and then it will a complete uninstall followed by a reinstall I guess.
  7. Thanks Nick just working on it at the moment I will get back to you ASAP
  8. Not had a problem before but since today my UK Orbx sceneries are crashing the sim. For instance when trying to fly from EGNM or EGLC (the only ones I have in the UK) the sim does not even load just a CTD in the loading screen. I uninstalled EGNM and loaded the Sim with default scenery fine. Did the same with London City same result. Have Orbx installed anything prior to the UK update that didnt happen yesterday?? By the way KORS works fine in the USA. Thanks for any updates. Mike
  9. Great found the folder and deleted Leeds. It then appeared and was able to re download the software thanks for your help
  10. I deleted my copy of Leeds EGNM for MSFS2020 (bought through the sim not Orbx website) whilst trying to solve some CTD issues. I now seem to have solved those. But I cannot figure out how to replace my copy of Leeds within the sim. It says it is there but it is not displayed when you arrive at Leeds just default scenery. Everything is up to date in the Content Manager. I have Orbx Central but is does not show up in there as owned by me just Booker only which I bought separately.
  11. Wow, Thanks Nick. That is worth mentioning if anyone else has any issues as the first point. As there is not manual really for the Sim. I am sure that there are a lot of simmers out there just using the default scenery and not the Bing Map photogrammetry. Finger crossed I am good to go.
  12. Ok I may have been an idiot here or I might be missing something. Due to trying to stop all the CTD's I had turned off Bing World Map data and was using the Basis default scenery. OMG I turned Bing Maps back on an hey presto no CTD into Booker on 5 occasions. Before it was happening 100% of the time. Nick Cooper does the scenery from Orbx or Pilot plus etc need to have the Bing Map World Data on for the software to function and if so did I miss that somewhere?? Please say yes if so YEHHHHH I can fly with scenery again.....
  13. Ok I have took all the freeware addons, I have almost all the Orbx and Partner stuff, still no JOY. I dont think its the NavData either. I have updated the EGTB to the latest version, still getting CTD. I have had to remove it. Very sad, I hope this can be fixed. I Have exactly the same problem with Leeds and Booker and I have had to remove all of the addons and fly with default settings for the moment . I don't think it is an Orbx/PilotPlus issue more a sim problem or perhaps Windows as I used to have them all working fine now nothing works just a CTD normally on final or sometimes when climbing out. You get a little stutter then a freeze and CTD I have seen a few clips on line with the very same issue as we have. Like you hoping it is fixed soon. I am using all default scenery now but the addon Mooney M20 works Ok.
  14. Any chance of some Obstruction lights on the Stokenchurch Mast, there should be two red at the top and two red halfway up the mast. Thanks loving Booker by the way.
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