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  1. Hi Doug, Orbx ObjectFlow 2 is listed in P3D Add-ons. As per my original post, I have already attempted to create a new library and then re-install OF2. I have since done the same using another library on my C:drive, no joy. I have never had issues with ESSA before, I have used this scenery for several years. Not sure what causes the error. I have installed P3Dv5 (separate HD) and sub sequentially uninstalled it approx 9 month ago. I have been using MSFS for the past 7 month but decided to do a flight in P3Dv4 last weekend when I discovered the error. Thomas
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for the prompt response! By add-ons list in P3Dv4, do you mean the scenery library? Object Flow 2 is not listed (even at lower priorities), should it be? I have verified the ESSA files and even reinstalled the airport, no joy. My P3D version is Thomas
  3. Hi Orbx team, I have recently noticed that ESSA runway textures are no longer showing up in P3Dv4.5. The issue seems to be related to Object Flows v2, it will not show up in the P3d scenery library. I uninstalled Object Flows 2, created a new library, re-installed Object Flows 2 in the new library, restarted the PC, restarted P3D, pop-up message "Do you want to activate Object Flow v2 (or something like that)" > Yes There is no instance in > Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons Textures still do not show up correctly, no entry in the scenery library. Scenery.Cfgadd-ons.cfg I followed instructions of the following posts: [useful tip] Solutions for problems with ObjectFlow - Orbx Central Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com) [resolved] ESSA Ground problem - objectflow not working - Orbx Central Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com) Reagrds Thomas add-ons.cfg Scenery.Cfg
  4. It's got to be Perth for sure Most beautiful city on earth with a great airport and without proper add-on scenery for too long... but not for much longer
  5. Hi all, Thanks for your replies! I did run the Vector config tool but it did not fix the problem. EHAM is not listed under AEC airport list so if I understand this correctly the config tool has no effects on such airports... I still fly into this airport without too much hassle, I generally just avoid the runways worst affected. If there are any other tricks of the trade which may fix the issue please let me know :-) Thomas
  6. Hi, I have recently upgraded from FSX to Prepar3d v2... wow, what an improvement! I installed Aerosoft Mega Airport Amsterdam with the Estonia Migration tool. I noticed that some of the taxiways and roads are under water. I have installed the latest versions of ORBX library, FTX Global and FTX Vector. I was wondering if this issue is related to FTX Vector or a compatibility problem with Prepar3D? Greetings from Perth, Australia Thomas FTX Global FSS0339729 FTX Vectors FSS0339729 FTX LC Europe FSS0339729
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