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  1. Yep and hopefully a few added landmarks like Leichhardt oval for that top NRL team "Tigers"! with no bias feelings with my suggestion on this idea
  2. Just to answer, I have the Electra who needs those modern jets huh! especially when you have Orbx Himalaya's add on lol
  3. Anyway! looking forward to the next update with Australia being overhauled in MSFS and, have just acquired extra space (new drive for my system from MWAVE) knowing that this is Australia we are talking about and, no doubt will require more than the usual requirements in download time hehehe Can I also request we have an Orbx "Australia Day" to coincide
  4. Lol, I'm not turning to the dark side no matter how much I miss being able to do simple tasks like seat belt signs
  5. The Red Arrows Hawk-T1 (Just Flight) cruising over just one of the many stunning visuals in Orbx Land Marks "Cape Town City Pack"
  6. Seeing the helicopter mods available it demonstrates what MSFS can do and I hope that they move away from the current direction with the likes of reno which as much as I like this idea it does not have legs as offering something like a helicopter to everyone which makes a lot make more sense. Personal fav would be to offer a Bell 47 which is not bias by any means because of Skippy Anyway, more than enough items for now from Orbx for the next round and I'm thinking along the lines of "Out of Africa" for this next pic before we get to the Christmas seasonal silly sled images or a Christmas tree wow! and how I do this in MSFS will be another learning curve hahaha lol like LOWI with Christmas trees in Austria as the snow backdrop always works great for that special seasonal message!
  7. @MawsonThe problem is that the attention span is very short lived in these days of gaming an unlike us old timers there is a need to keep the level of interest up otherwise the majority of people lose interest. At the moment MSFS is losing peoples interest because there is nothing apart from the A320 mod which is not enough to keep people coming back with actual real flights and unfortunately it needs something else. People love doing there fav flights and what they consist of is either an ATR, Boeing, Embraer or maybe a SAAB apart from the A32NX available. Hopefully we something new soon! Scenery is not the issue but the simulator needs desperately some useable! commercial aircraft apart from the A320 mod and rather now than later if you know what I mean.
  8. The only issue which hopefully shunt address is the the problem with LVFR AREX add on's sharing the same active live space and hopefully they address this issue soon within gold coast which is annoying but I could think of worse problems like a lack of q400 or 737-800 hehehe or even a ATR72 which we desperately need at the moment in MSFS. Love the props and jets but we need more commercial regular aircraft right now I suppose is what I'm saying.
  9. @John HeatonSunshine Coast! Purchased this one after seeing it at Flightsim.to great attention to detail and worth the purchase! It would be great to see Axonos Gold Coast for MSFS at some point. One place that is on my hit list and hopefully will make its appearance this week on the 28th is WIII "Soekarno–Hatta International" Airport Jakarta by Binersim (Pics look great). Which is going to fill a void replacing the standard version in MSFS. Meaning that flight services are resumed from Sydney and Brisbane
  10. @Mawson Thanks for the link as I had already added these a while back for my Australia folder using MSlinker hehehe. I'm always keeping an eye out for any niche locations that appear around for OZ especially while things get back to normal here at the moment in Sydney (Finally). I've been enjoying recently flights from YWLM Newcastle to YSBK Bankstown especially as the flight plan takes me along the M1 ending with a scenic tour around Sydney Harbor and finally ending with a visual approach using the Bunnings Store at Bankstown and, now we have the Hawk T1 and RAAF livery available over "Flightsim.to" makes it more interesting but, I would love to see a developer put together a dedicated MSFS version of the DH82 Tiger Moth.
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