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  1. Thanks a lot Jon. I added the Library and the CUSTOM FOLDERS and all seems to be OK! Great support form Orbx. Kind regards, Juan
  2. When I try to start London City, Edinburgh or Newcastle (the three airports I bought yesterday, I see these warnings. The only airport where I see the runways and some buildings, parkings, tower... is Edinburgh. I am also attaching the Log file, just is case. Kind regards, Juan Log.txt
  3. Thanks. Attached is the latest ini.pack. Kind regards, Juan scenery_packs.ini
  4. I purchased that airport today and I also see grass. No buildings, no concrete runway... How did you fix it? Thanks, Juan
  5. Hi, I have purchased this morning three UK airports: London City, Newcastle, and Edinburgh, to be used in XP 11 in a Mac (Mojave). I have the three UK Orbx Global scenaries, as well as Both from California, Washington, Miami, and Balearic islands. When I open London City, I see a weird scenery, with what it seems to be missing objects and textures. Something similar occurs with Newcastle. Attached are some pictures and mi ini.packs file. I would appreciate some help. Kind regards, Juan
  6. I have manually installed Florida SD in X-plane 11.5 Metal running on a Mac, and I do not see buildings in the main airports (Miami, Orlando, Tampa...). How do I fix this? Thanks, Juan
  7. I was able to fix the problem, redownloading all files to the library, and then copying to them to Custom Scenery in x-plane. So far, it seems to be OK. Thanks, JI Arcelus
  8. Hi, I purchased Florida SD scenery for X-plane 11 in my iMac 2015. After about one hour downloading/installing, I got a message that 8 files were missing and I should verify files. I have already tried three times and the process freezes after downloading about 17,000 files/104,000. Orbx will not allow to be forced out. Therefore, I had to shut up the computer three times pressing the start button. I also purchased Souther California Sd and had no problems. Just to try, I started X-plane and tried to go to Orlando airport, and X-plane chrashed to desktop. I need your help. Thanks, Juan Spain
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