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  1. If so I will be directly installing the updates and be happy again then and will openely communicate that. BUT the thing with could not be animated on release is nonsense. I'm betatesting a lot of stuff for a well known other distributor and for example Trondheim had custom animated jetways comparable to Gothenburg and Malmo way before their releases. Anyhow, if they fix it all good and no need to leave bad feelings. Thx for the info with the possible updates btw... missed that info... Cheers T.
  2. My first idea was hurray... but I bought Gotheburg and Malmo for msfs already. Fooled me once... fooled me twice... read the different feedbacks for Brisbane... passed. I would gladly pay some more bucks to get the quality back Orbx was standing for in the past. But the recent development is not what I expect for a product in msfs. And I'm not talking about fancy terminal internals or animated coffee corners. I'm talking about basic stuff like jetways. Others devs have clearly shown that custom and non standard jetways are doable and working nice. Even special ones like in Malmo and Gothenburg. See Trondheim for example. Really sad about it... Sorry T.
  3. That would be a possible point for the list. An official statement like 10% faster than the heightmap based mesh on same detail level. But as far as I understood its breaking possibly both freeware and payware offerings in the mesh area as it's not able to exclude areas. So what is a slight gain in performance if the rest is true? So I hope we will get some official feedback on this. Cheers T.
  4. Hi all, but that exact comment throws a big question open now. Orbx is using CGL files. If I understood Virtuali correctly thats the way that will lead to problems in most cases. So is there a chance to get an official comment on the issues observed and the pros and cons of the CGL method used? For me it sounds like the heightmap based sdk supported way should be the better alternative. But I'm open for reasons to convince me Cheers and Thx Thorsten
  5. The thing is if it helps to reduce the horrible morphing like said then I'm sold... Cheers T.
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