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  1. Occasionally I am weird. As much I adore photoreal sceneries from Orbx to me the whole sim experience is important.
  2. I know, I know, you are going to say this is not featuring Orbx region, but I have Iceland demo installed here, also Chaseplane. This is demonstration more on the Milky Way texture I have from Flight Sim Jewels. I enjoy flying it.
  3. Who said P3D can't be used for VFR? I just decided to show off again my Aus v2 and CityScene Sydney. Touchdown was not my best, but I am freaking sure it will be good looking for you guys. Enjoy. For a second time.
  4. This particular video shows me in a different light! I don't usually take F-16 to fly around, but sometimes, in order to test something I do. Did not expect such a high view count and likes, so I am little proud of it. Want it to share it here, so you guys can enjoy it. OpenLC Europe is in action here, unfortunately no funds to buy the airport, but I think it looks decent enough, since Orbx knows how to create landclass scenery!
  5. Approach at Sydney [ Australia v2, City Scape Sydney, Chaseplane, 787 Immersion]
  6. There is people who like the second shot because their opinion is that it contains more accurate shadows. But thank you, the poll is closed, I remain on v4 for now.
  7. Obviously remaining on v4, but I will use Envshade. Both combined gives very good result by my opinion. Sunset in Dubai:
  8. Thank guys. Seems that everyone like more the tomato shade. Both images are taken in 6 am in the morning at Hong Kong during sunrise. Some people like the shadows on the second image. Anyway, this comparing I do because I might take soon Prepar3D v5. This is poll I created for should I remain on my current sim [ P3D v4.5 HF3] or buy the new version. Unfortunate is that Tomato Shade does not work in v5, so obviously I will remain on v4. Thank you all.
  9. Hello, everyone, help me decide which shading I should use. This is compare image, similar to the ones on Orbx website: All images contain Chaseplane camera add-on, btw. Also the difference is not big, because in both images there is Pascal sky textures, also Reshade INIBuilds SC Temperate profile. For a personal difference, here's the two images that helped me create this comparing: Tomato Shade: Toga Projects Envshade: Please, help me decide what shading to use. I want to upgrade to P3D v5, I am still on v4 just because of tomato shade.
  10. I will add my Google email, it is globalistics074@gmail.com
  11. I like the second variant too, but the streamer's livery guy wanted me to go with the first, so I followed his wish.
  12. I tough you seen it, because there is not screenshot from the touchdown itself. I published subject in community videos forum here. But it is dual one, because there was some time people to choose which variant to publish. Anyway, if you want - you can check my YT channel in my signature, the first video there is the touchdown from this screenshots.
  13. I do repaints, but honestly, never made a repaint for your plane. I can try however. Send me some info on DM's.
  14. Unfortunately since no one responded, I am publishing variant 1. Why? Well, because the streamer I am shouting in this video wants the one with the airplane sounds. Still, guys I expect some criticism if anyone has anything to say about my videos.
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